Britney Ever After on Lifetime: Did the Britney Spears Biopic Drive You Crazy?

Lifetime on Saturday premiered its Britney Spears biopic Britney Ever AfterWas it a trashy good time, or a positively toxic viewing experience?

In this unauthorized, made-for-TV flick, the Princess of Pop (played by Aussie actress Natasha Bassett) was portrayed as, in the words of her own mother, “the kind of girl who always needed a man in her life.” The first half of Ever After focused exclusively on her relationship with Justin Timberlake (Cleaners‘ Nathan Keyes), and their eventual breakup was depicted as the reason Spears made a number of questionable choices in the years that followed, including her decision to elope with the other Jason Alexander and her subsequent marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline. (The funniest part of the film, hands down, was when Spears so elegantly texted K-Fed to say “I Wnt 2 Dvrce U.”)

If the events of Britney Ever After are to be believed, Timberlake won Spears over when he referred to her as the “bomb diggity” before her first concert opening for *NSYNC. Later, before showtime, he told her, “Don’t just break a leg — break everything.” [Insert audible groan here.] And following their breakup, Britney and Justin allegedly ran into each other at a nightclub and had a super heated dance-off that abruptly ended when Timberlake left mid-dance. Meanwhile, her infamous 2003 VMAs performance — which, as you’ll recall, ended in a kiss with Madonna — was apparently coordinated so she could garner Justin’s attention, despite the fact that he had already moved on with Cameron Diaz.

Oddly enough, the film only chronicled Spears’ life through 2008. It opened with the singer being interviewed for a documentary in the year following her highly publicized, head-shaving meltdown, and kept cutting to “flashbacks” to fill in the blanks. What began in the wake of her initial “…Baby One More Time” success culminated in her parents eventually gaining a conservatorship to help get their daughter’s life back on track. The closing scene jumped ahead to the year 2015, which showed Spears had successfully conquered her demons and had moved on to a successful Las Vegas residency.

Did you tune in for Britney Ever After, or were you lucky enough to have plans on a Saturday night? Grade the biopic via our poll, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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