Good Fight's Christine Baranski: Acting 'Shocked' by Trump Win Was Easy

Emmy winner Christine Baranski didn’t have to do much acting for The Good Fight‘s opening scene, in which Diane Lockhart looks on in horror as Donald Trump gets sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Baranski detailed the scene (and screened a clip, as seen above) during an appearance on Tuesday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, explaining how the Good Wife spinoff (premiering Sunday on CBS, before moving exclusively to CBS All Access) needed an 11th-hour rewrite in the wake of Trump’s upset win over Hillary Clinton.

“The pilot was written on the supposition that we would have a female president,” Baranski said. “But in editing, [creators Robert and Michelle King] realized they had an opportunity…. [The opening scene] was shot after the election, but before the inauguration, so I had hadn’t had the opportunity of seeing [Trump’s actual swearing-in], but the director said, ‘Imagine that you’re shocked,’ and I said, ‘No worry. I can play this.”

Prior to her sitdown with Colbert, Baranski appeared “via satellite” as the disgruntled wife of congressman Chris Collins, who earlier that day alleged that other Republicans weren’t available to comment on National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation because they had all taken their wives out for Valentine’s Day breakfasts. This, of course, left “Mrs. Congressman Collins” home to drown her sorrows in chardonnay.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch a clip from The Good Fight premiere, and the video below to watch “Mrs. Congressman Collins” get sloshed.