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The 100 Trio Talks Luna's [Spoiler], Clarke and Bellamy's 'Understanding'

The 100 Recap Spoilers

After nearly three full episodes of utter despair, The 100 on Wednesday finally offered some hope for the Arkadians’ survival — and not a moment too soon.

When Jaha’s miracle bunker turned out to be a total bust — remind me why anyone trusts him again? — Clarke and Bellamy returned home to finish the list of 100 (teehee) people worth shielding from radioactive annihilation. Fortunately, it was discovered in the episode’s final moments that Luna (welcome back!) and her poison-resistant blood could be the answer to saving everyone. Meanwhile, Octavia came face to face with Indra’s actual daughter, who helped lead their enemies astray by swapping out the flame for a fake.

Below, TVLine checks in with executive producer Jason Rothenberg, along with stars Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos, about this week’s biggest developments:

* First of all, that Scientology-esque religion Jaha introduced to Bellamy and Clarke? This definitely isn’t the last we’ll hear of it. “Our tagline this season is ‘From the ashes we will rise,’ and that’s where it comes from,” Rothenberg tells TVLine. “You can bet that it wouldn’t be the tagline if it wasn’t around for more than one episode, I’ll just say that.”

* As for the possibility that Luna’s blood could save everyone at Arkadia, Rothenberg says, “It makes total sense, based on the fact that nightblood comes from Becca. It was something she designed to allow for a human body to host a chip that gave off some radiation. So with this radiation coming to annihilate the world, it will be very beneficial to have nightblood.”

* Though the nightblood will likely render Clarke’s list unnecessary, that doesn’t detract from the emotional importance of that scene. “Clarke makes the decision to put Bellamy on the list, and then he makes the same decision for her,” Morley explains. “This is a real shift in what they’ve been like previously. It was quite an important scene, a new level of understanding and growth in their relationship.”

* And then there was Indra’s big reveal (she has a daughter?!), which “shocked the living daylights” out of Octavia. “We’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Gaia,” Avgeropoulos confirms. Even though the two women have conflicting beliefs, “Octavia really understands the importance of family and tries to bring them closer together.”

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