Criminal Minds Recap: Slaying Doctor

Criminal Minds Recap Reid Prison

This week on CBS’ Criminal Minds, one of the BAU’s own landed behind bars, south of the border. And the outlook for acquittal is left looking murky.

In a cold open that could have been a jaw-dropper had promos not tipped the show’s hand, a dusty car chase in Mexico ended with Reid being hauled into police custody, after thousands of dollars’ worth of coke and heroin were found in his trunk. His memory mucked up by a drug-induced fog, Reid has little to say to the Federales outside of a half-hearted, rebuffed request to call his mom. He also recalls meeting up with a doctor named “Rosa,” just before the arresting officer discovers that their American jailbird is FBI.

En route to Mexico, Prentiss, Alves, Rossi and Lewis learn that Reid — who had told his mom’s nurse he’d be gone for three days — was stopped in the course of racing toward the border, while pursuing someone (in a pickup truck) himself. When found, he was doped up on cocaine and heroin, the combo of which would account for his “missing time.” Of course, the team can only wonder if Mr. Scratch is behind this frame job.

When the jail medic goes to draw blood, Reid at first notices the full name “Rosa Medina” inked on his forearm — before the needle to his vein evokes memories of his Season 2 torture at the hands of of Tobias Hankel. Reid also flashes back to his childhood, specifically the moment his father walked out out on him and Diana.

After finding that Reid had been boning up on “alternative medicine” (and that this was but the latest of several unannounced trips to Mexico), the team pays him a visit in jail, where they soon deduce that “Rosa Medina” is an anagram/alias for Nadie Ramos. In a nearby motel room, they and the local police find Nadie stabbed to death. Back at the police station, Prentiss attempts a cognitive interview with Reid, but his fuzzy recollection of the intruder barging in on him and Nadie at the motel would only serve to implicate him further, considering he recalls handling a knife at the time the doctor was stabbed.

When Beyond Borders‘ Matthew and Clara arrive to assist, they report that the contraband charge won’t stick, since the vials of medicine Reid was after, to help treat his mother, didn’t contain any illegal ingredients. The team then discovers that Nadie — who lived in Mexico but worked north of the border — had dual citizenship, a fact which allows them to take custody of Reid, just before he is carted off to a maximum security prison. On the way out, Prentiss is asked by the police for the recording of her interview with Reid, but she lies that she didn’t make one, given his compromised mental state and all.

Aboard the jet, Reid is uncuffed, as Prentiss & Co. promise they will get him the best counsel available through the FBI. But as the hour comes to a close, Walker is sad to report that because Reid wasn’t in Mexico on business when this all went down, he isn’t eligible for legal help through the Bureau — so they’re on their own to free him of the murder rap.

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