Apprentice Winner Matt Iseman Reveals the Finale Ending Viewers Didn't See

Matt Iseman Celebrity Apprentice

If you were surprised by the results of Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice finale, you’re not alone. Matt Iseman admits that, despite the event being pre-taped, even he didn’t know who would be announced as the winner. 

“We shot the finale two different ways back in March [2016],” Iseman explains to TVLine. “They said, ‘There’s going to be a live finale. In the history of the show, there’s always been a live finale.’ But we shot something just in case someone got hurt, or couldn’t make it to the live finale. What you saw last night was me being told I won… but also not. They were like, ‘Act it out for now, but you’ll find out who really won when we do the live finale.'”

Unfortunately, a ratings dip for the series prompted NBC to pull the plug on the live finale, “so they ended up just airing what we had filmed earlier,” Iseman explains.

“I honestly had no idea which ending they were going to air,” he admits. “I was sitting on the couch with my friends and I heard Arnold say, “Matt, you’re the new Celebrity Apprentice,” and I was like, ‘Thank God!'”

As for what it means to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first official Apprentice, Iseman has a few ideas: “I think it means I get to move in, and any movie he makes from now on, I have at least a co-starring role,” he says. “There wasn’t much of a job description, so that’s what I came up with.”

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