Reign Returns, Deadlier Than Ever: Grade the Final Season Premiere

Reign Recap

Reign kicked off its farewell season Friday by throwing a surprise wedding, complete with all the traditional good luck charms: something old, something new, something borrowed, and someone drugged in the back of a carriage and kidnapped. (That’s everything, right?)

As if mourning her best friend wasn’t enough to put a damper on Mary’s day, she also found herself taken against her will by the Earl of Clan Gordon, who was just itching for Mary to wed his son George. What the Earl didn’t realize, of course, was that George had never been with a woman — much less a queen — before, which explains why he literally passed out at Mary’s feet the moment she asked him to take off his belt.

Proving that she’s come a hell of a long way over the past four years, Mary freed her damn self, taking out one of the clan’s guards with an ax in the process. (Seriously, who needs James?)

Yes, it was a rough week for Mary, though nothing made me more nervous than when the Earl told her, rather prophetically, “You’ll have an entire nation against you. And that is how your reign will end — alone in your castle while outside your people call for your head.”

Elsewhere this week…

* Still in denial about Leith’s death, Claude was understandably furious upon hearing that her sister Leesa — now wed to the King of Spain — was arranging for Claude to marry Martel; discovering that Martel’s men were behind Leith’s murder only heightened that rage. Her fury was briefly quelled when Catherine orchestrated Martel’s death, making it look like a suicide, but I’m afraid no amount of dead suitors can make up for the loss of one’s true love.

* Still in Elizabeth’s custody, Narcisse refused to say a word about Lola — until Gideon informed him that John’s nanny was involved in the assassination plot. A few days and one dead nanny later, Elizabeth released Narcisse and allowed him to reunite with his stepson.

* Lastly, Lola’s funeral was an expectedly somber affair, made even more so by these words from Mary: “Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was my lady and my dear, dear friend. She shall never be forgot.”

Your thoughts on Reign‘s premiere? Hopes for the rest of the final season? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with whatever’s on your mind.

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