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Scandal Star Reacts to [Spoiler]'s Killer Confession: 'I Didn't See That Coming'

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A known murderer may have confessed to Frankie’s assassination on Thursday’s Scandal, but that doesn’t mean the investigation is over just yet.

Via the magic of flashbacks, we learned that Frankie and Cyrus’ recorded fight occurred when the late president-elect discovered that his running mate was responsible for an attack on one of his campaign employees, a lovely young woman named Jenny Jennifer. But because Cyrus never does his own dirty work — lest he sully those baby soft hands — we also got to see plenty of Tom, who Cyrus was still boning behind Michael’s back. (Color me crazy, but after six seasons, I’m really starting to think Cyrus might not be 100-percent trustworthy.)

OK, back to the present… With only Olivia’s insistence to go on, Fitz offered Cyrus a special deal: If he agreed to drop out of the running for POTUS, thus paving the way for President Mellie to assume office, Fitz would close the investigation into Frankie’s murder.

If only Cyrus had accepted that offer when it was first presented to him, this next part probably could have been avoided: A furious Tom — who, unless I’m mistaken, barked like a dog at one point — confessed to killing Frankie… on Cyrus’ order! So, where do we go from here?

“If this is the direction it’s continuing in, it looks like Mellie is going to be the president,” Tony Goldwyn tells TVLine. “But I wouldn’t count on anything in Scandal being the way it seems. You can expect everything to be turned on its head. You can guarantee there won’t be a simple resolution to this one.”

Goldwyn admits he “didn’t see that coming,” speaking both about Tom’s confession and his general relationship with Cyrus. “But I do think it’s fantastic. What Shonda Rhimes and our writers do so well is create an element of human relationships that gets you invested in these characters. Tom murdered the president’s son, yet we kind of care about him because he’s in love with Cyrus. It’s just insane! You can’t make any sense of it! But it’s a brilliant stroke.”

“We’ll find out in episodes to come what’s actually going down,” Goldwyn adds. “To me, the evidence is not persuasive — there’s something else going on. But for Fitz, the pressure of not leaving a leadership vacuum is really serious. He’s got to make a decision, even if there’s no easy, correct answer. He can’t waffle back and forth, because the country could end up in even more serious trouble.”

Gladiators, were you surprised by this week’s faux-mantic flashback episode? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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