The Flash Photos: Which Heroes Will Get Locked Up in Gorilla City?

Grodd isn’t monkeying around when The Flash and friends pay a visit to Earth-Two’s Gorilla City, as seen in these first photos from the CW hit’s next episode, airing Tuesday, Feb. 21.

As revealed by speedster Jesse Wells (played by Violett Beane) at the close of this week’s episode, her father/former Team Flash member Harry has been abducted by Grodd and hauled off to Gorilla City (which was first glimpsed at the end of the November 2015 episode, “Gorilla Warfare,” after the sentient creature got banished to Earth-Two).

In this season’s Grodd-centric two-parter, kicking off with the episode “Attack on Gorilla City,” Jesse and Team Flash travel to Earth-2 to rescue Harry, only to wind up captured themselves by the gorilla leader. Grodd then reveals why he has been going ape — because he is angling to stop Solovar, another sentient gorilla, from invading Earth-One.

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