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The 100 Boss, Star Defend Bellamy's Choice: 'He's Trying to Do What's Right'

The 100 Recap

It looks like Clarke may have to write that list, after all.

Wednesday’s episode of The 100 offered a glimmer of hope for the Arkadians in the form of a hydro generator, but when the retrieval mission took an unexpected turn — Bellamy chose to blow it up, rather than bring it home, to liberate a group of prisoners — Raven’s already-fragile survival plan basically fell to pieces.

“The point needs to be made that some of the decisions Bellamy makes are because he’s put in very difficult situations,” Bob Morley tells TVLine of his character’s latest controversial move. “People who weren’t there can say it was idiotic or shortsighted, but when you’re in a moment where horrible things are happening in front of you, sometimes you just need to act on what’s best.”

Morley adds that this life-and-death decision was merely part of Bellamy’s overall Season 4 journey, which will “broaden his view on what it means to be a Grounder and Skaikru and human.”

“Bellamy still feels weighed down by the guilt of a lot of decisions he’s made, so he’s trying to do what’s right,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg adds. “He chooses to save lives in the moment … which has been Clarke’s M.O. all series long.”

And speaking of Clarke, Rothenberg suggests that Bellamy’s decision this week — which was not unlike what Clarke did at Mount Weather — could bring the two characters to a new level of understanding.

“Clarke and Bellamy, in many ways, have always been the heart of this show,” he says. “In Season 1, their relationship was antagonistic, but once they learned how to work together, everything started to fall into place for them as a group in terms of their survival odds. … I like their chances when they’re together.”

Now let’s shift gears to my current favorite couple, Abby and Kane, whose relationship is “important” to Rothenberg as it proves that “people in their late forties and early fifties can still have a sexy, passionate love story on TV.”

“Those two characters have come so far since the first episode, back when they were opponents,” he says. “Abby is still in that place of being the moral compass of the show, but Kane has also changed so much that it’s now a viable, real love story. The actors also have great chemistry.”

Do you think Bellamy’s decision will come back to bite him, or will the Arkadians (as usual) find another way out of this mess? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.