The Flash Recap: West Whirled

Flash Recap Season 3 Iris Dies

This week on The Flash, the team raced to neutralize a truly degenerating metahuman, lest Iris meet her maker sooner than planned.

Concurrent with Barry coaching Wally to be a better speedster (which set up a fun side bet pitting Iris and Caitlin vs. H.R.), a new metahuman was discovered to be on the loose, using his touch to send bodies into a rapid process of decay. When it is further surmised that this “degenerate,” Clive Yorkin, is one of the metas born of Alchemy, Julian feels much guilt. Caitlin tries to assure her partner in autopsying that he needn’t take any blame, but that only pushes the new team member back into his petulant ways, sparking a squabble.

It’s deduced that Yorkin is targeting cops, but that won’t keep Joe from postponing a family dinner (at Jitters, really?) with his kids/”kids” and girlfriend Cecile and her visiting daughter. Joanie is at first a pit of a joyless pill, until Wally picks up on her superfandom over Kid Flash. When Yorkin shows at the coffee shop to target Joe, Kid Flash gets the chance to (temporarily) save the day, using Propeller Arms to blow away the baddie.

When Joe doesn’t make too much of the attempt on his life, Iris chides him — and then drops that truth bomb, revealing how Barry traveled to the future and saw her die at Savitar’s hand. Joe, while devastated, blows up at the team, especially Barry, for keeping him in the dark.

Later, Yorkin shows up at Barry and Iris’ place to apply his deadly touch to Joe’s daughter, with Kid Flash arriving just a millisecond too late to stop him. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the best “fix” the team can come up with is to have Caitlin use her icy power to freeze Iris’ contaminated arm, until they can find a cure. Doing so, however, puts Caitlin at risk of “losing control” and transitioning into Killer Frost — which she indeed does, until Julian pep talks her off the proverbial ledge. Wally feels to blame for not saving Iris from Yorkin, to which Barry counters that he needs to be a better, more inspiring teacher — as were the many mentors (half of them eeeevil) that he himself benefited from.

Cisco gets the idea to “vibe” the universe where Barry stayed put in Flashpoint, to get a bead on whom else Yorkin might go after. Once the snarky arresting officer is ID’d, Joe finds and loops her in, but she all but dismisses the life-saving gesture. That leaves Joe on a speeding train that Yorkin plans to have collide with a pile of debris. Barry is able to vibrate the entire train so fast that it phases through the blockade, but that taxes him so much that it is up to Wally to “phase” a drop of his speedster blood into the meta, this reversing the effect of his power, and it works.

It also conveeeeniently allows an antidote to be created from Yorkin’s blood, thus saving Iris. Back at their place, Barry expresses his hope that Iris feels safe. She notes that while she always felt like she never really got her share of the Flash pie, in the wake of their recent scare, she truly felt like the speedster rode to her rescue. “I love and trust you, Barry Allen, The Flash,” she avowed. “I love all of you, and I always will.”

With Barry and Iris back home, and Caitlin and Julian going out for (ahem) “drinks,” Wally is alone at the lab at episode’s end, when Jesse Quick bursts through a portal from Earth-Two to announce that her father has been abducted by Grodd — and taken to Gorilla City!

What did you think of the episode “Untouchable”?

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