The Americans Season 5 Trailer: New Enemies, New Wigs… and a New Paige?

When The Americans returns to FX next month, Philip and Elizabeth will face plenty of new problems. But they might also have a new comrade inside their own home.

In the just-released trailer for Season 5 (premiering Tuesday, March 7 at 10/9c), we see the married Soviet spies grooming their teen daughter Paige for a possible role in the Reagan resistance. First, Paige complains, “I can’t sleep at night. I have nightmares,” referring to when Elizabeth straight-up murdered a guy in front of her last season. But later, we see Elizabeth training Paige to fight in the family garage, with the girl punching a sack of flour like Rocky in the meat locker, while Elizabeth assures her, “There are things we can show you.”

But Philip’s still worried about exposing Paige to their deadly games: “She can’t handle this,” he insists. And he also hints at fresh complications from the FBI: “They’re kicking us while we’re down. They’re not gonna stop.” To that end, we see FBI agent Stan Beeman taking a long look at a bulletin board full of evidence, a new face in the Soviet embassy — and yes, new wigs and disguises for Philip and Elizabeth (a cowboy hat for him, long blonde hair for her) as they load an unlucky body into a car trunk.

The trailer ends with Elizabeth’s chilling words: “You have to be willing to do anything to protect yourself.” Is she talking to Paige… or herself?

Press PLAY on the trailer above to get a sneak peek at Season 5, then tell us in the comments: Do you think Paige is joining her parents in the spy game?

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