Powerless: Has NBC Made a Super Addition to Its Thursday Lineup?

Powerless Series Premiere

If you’re looking for a show that centers on the many caped and/or masked heroes of the DC Comics universe, you’re in luck: The CW has you covered on just about any night of the week.

NBC, on the other hand, is turning its focus to the little people — the ones who are just going about their ordinary lives while superheroes and supervillains wreak havoc around them.

That’s the idea behind Powerless, the Peacock Net’s DC Comics comedy that debuted Thursday night. In the series premiere, we meet Emily Locke (High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens), a glass-half-full gal who grew up in a flyover state — that is, an area of the U.S. that superheroes would fly through, but never stop to fight crime. Sigh. 

But Emily gets much, much closer to the day-savers she’s been idolizing (and the villains who seek to destroy them) when she relocates to Charm City and takes a job at Wayne Security, a small piece of Batman… er, Bruce Wayne’s empire. Her job? Leading a team of developers who create products that make the public safer amid all that crime-fighting.

Not long into her first day, though, Emily’s obstacles become clear: Her team (particularly Teddy, played by Community‘s Danny Pudi) has no interest in working with her — or even standing near her, in some cases. Her boss, Van (Firefly‘s Alan Tudyk), is Bruce Wayne’s smarmy cousin who only wants to worm his way into Gotham City. Oh, and when Bruce suddenly decides that Wayne Security is an obsolete company, he fires the entire staff. Not great news, given that baddie Jack O’Lantern is threatening Charm City’s entire population.

It’s then, of course, that Emily manages to rally the troops (despite learning, just hours earlier, that she’s actually the fifth person to hold her position at Wayne Security in the last few weeks. Girl’s got optimism in spades — and a fabulous blazer). She and her colleagues work through the night to develop a watch that can track the scent of a bad guy and alert users when trouble’s near.

It’s an idea so ingenious that Bruce ultimately decides to keep Wayne Security’s doors open (and, coincidentally, Batman is seen using the same device the very next day). The only person not pleased about the company’s renaissance? Van, who would have been absorbed into the Gotham City offices, but is ultimately asked to stay in Charm City and inspire his employees to keep up the good work. He. Seems. Thrilled.

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