The 100 Season 4 Spoilers

The 100 Season 4: Cast Previews Clarke's New Crisis, Bellamy's 'Loss,' Octavia's Mystery Man and More

It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for Clarke & Co. when The 100 returns for its fourth season on Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c). … Wait, did I say fire? I meant nuclear apocalypse.

Picking up moments after the gang “won” the war with ALIE, Season 4 thrusts the survivors into an uncertain future — on with a six-month expiration date.

“This whole season’s based around how we’re going to deal with fighting an enemy that we go to war with,” Eliza Taylor teases. “There are some kind of unusual pairings, which is great. The thing about having such a gigantic cast is that some of us have only ever been in one scene together over three years. … I think you’re going to see a lot more odd coupling.”

Read on to find out what’s ahead for Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Murphy and more:

The 100 Season 4 Trailer

CLARKE | Part of Clarke’s journey at the beginning of Season 4 will be “stepping up more and accepting herself as the leader,” Eliza Taylor says. “It’s really fun to feel like she’s asserting herself and not taking s–t from people who don’t know as much as she does.” Of course, with great knowledge comes great responsibility: “She has to be very careful about how she goes about telling people [about the impending nuclear apocalypse] without starting a riot.” Fans of Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship will also be happy to know the two are “on the same team again” and are “sharing the leadership role.” On the romantic front, Taylor says Clarke is “still grieving Lexa” and “doesn’t really have time for relationships right now.” She does, however, have time to delve into the “turbulence” she’s been experiencing with her mom through a bit of “role reversal.”

The 100 Season 4 Trailer

BELLAMY | When Bellamy isn’t being crushed under the crippling weight of his “guilt and remorse,” Bob Morley’s character is dealing with the “fallout side of the [ALIE] story … and the emotional scars that are left behind from the actions that [people] did whilst on the chip.” Meanwhile, Octavia’s “darker turn” will inspire a sense of “loss” in him. “She doesn’t really need … or listen to his advice anymore. It’s a bit of a blow for him. At some point you have to take a backseat with the people you care about.” On the romantic front, Morley admits it’s “tricky” for Bellamy to open up to people, which is why he loves his character’s relationship with Clarke. “That’s why people might gravitate towards that [pairing], because there is a side of Bellamy that she brings out that doesn’t really come out with anybody else. (As for Bellamy’s relationship with Luna, Morley calls it a “work in progress.”)

The 100 Season 4 Trailer

OCTAVIA | No longer the “adolescent girl that was trapped underneath the floor,” Octavia is a loose (and deadly) cannon in Season 4, Marie Avgeropoulos says. Yes, Octavia is still mourning Lincoln — the actress likens “Linctavia” to Romeo and Juliet — but she’s not letting her grief keep her down. Instead, she uses assassinating people “as an out to not feel things.” Speaking of feeling things, Octavia has a “significant interaction with one of the male counterparts in a different tribe this season,” though the actress is quick to remind us, “No one will ever replace Lincoln. … Don’t freak out.” We’ll also learn more about Octavia’s past during flashbacks to the Ark, where we’ll encounter a few familiar faces… including Pike! (I smell a ton of dramatic foreshadowing.)

The 100 Season 4 Trailer

MURPHY | “We’re going to see a relationship that is strained through the adversity of knowing the world is coming to an end,” Richard Harmon says of Murphy and Emori in Season 4. “I think that’s a hell of thing to put any relationship through, but I know those two really care about each other.” You can also expect Murphy to have tension with Jaha, though Harmon acknowledges, “There’s tension with murphy and everyone.” And maybe it’s best for people to keep their distance. “He’ll ditch them in a second if it means his own survival,” Harmon says, “which is maybe not the best quality to have in a friend — but he’s a survivor.”

What are your hopes for Season 4? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    We can only go up from last season right?? That ALIE story was terrible. I almost quit watching.

    • Jess says:

      Wrong. Unless they find a way to bring Lexa back into it, the show and its ratings can only go downhill from here. J Roth has half given up on it anyway for his new show Searchers.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Well, no, it’s not wrong it’s just a different opinion than yours. I didn’t have a problem with Lexa’s death and if I’m truly honest I wish they’d kill off Clarke. Now some will say that she is the star of the show and maybe she is but I think she is a terrible leader and wish that someone else would take on that role. But I like enough of the rest of the cast to continue watching and put up with her constant whining.

        • Jess says:

          You asked this show can only go uphill from here RIGHT? I say wrong because it is wrong, that’s a fact based upon recent events. Honestly do you not realise the substantial amount of backlash and falling ratings and complaints this show has received since Lexa’s death and Lincoln’s? A LOT. And sorry, no disrespect but you must be deluded if you think the ratings are going to magically soar and the quality will magically improve. I don’t wish ill on the show but it is half dead. The good has been sucked out of it. And as for Clarke she is actually the only real safe person and the only reason I may still casually tune in just to test the waters. But I know now the potential is gone and the show will never be the same again. It could have been beautiful, they made it ugly. If Clarke died you would likely be the only one still watching. Although I agree in a way, if Lexa couldn’t live part of me wishes Clarke had just stayed with her forever. But I do hope Bellamy gets axed if Bellarke is on the cards, what a crappy Twilighty predictable narrative. Unless there is a gigantic plot twist for a Lexa return, I don’t imagine the show will do nearly as well again, Even at the recent conventions with the actors they seemed so desperate to please now, it was kinda sad.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            LMAO, wow, relax, have a glass or two of wine. It’s just a television show. I never said anything about the ratings soaring or that anything magical was going to happen. And I’m well aware of the backlash, although I thought it was a bit over the top ridiculous (kinda like this conversation). All I’m saying is that I didn’t enjoy the silly ALIE story so IMO anything will be better than that. Sheesh.

          • Jess says:

            Yeah the ALIE storyline was pretty crappy and far fetched, agree with you there. What I thought they were going to do is make Nia the big baddie of season 3 and have her start a war, I thought we would at least see the Ice Nation and well, snow! But Jason was like, we don’t have the budget to set cameras up in different cameras in GOT. Uh hello, they are filming in Canada near snow capped mountains, I have seen the actors pictured behind the scenes in snow!! Yeah but you are telling me this yet you have no idea. You know how crazy and protective TWD fans are of that show, well The 100 was MY TWD. It was my favorite and quite frankly, the only tv I really got into. And it got so good and now it is ruined. Well I am just emotionally invested in the characters but I bet if you were gay and feeling oppressed and you looked to what the media was portraying with characters like Lexa who are lets face it rare, then yeah I’m sure it would give you hope. But to kill her after the writer promised he wouldn’t and do it straight after she had sex was pretty disgusting, it did make it look like the show was trying to dismiss it and make it out to be some kind of punishment. Even if that was not the intentions they were wrong to treat something so sensitive and so current that badly. And Jason remarked only recently that he thinks tragedies are the best love stories and that he thinks why people are angry is because it was tragic. Like even I can see that he is pretty freaking deluded and being an ass. But yeah, it is sad for me the direction the show has gone, I have seen a few comments now about the whole point of Lexa’s death being to put Adam and Eve back together? Like that will go down well. But you know, we will see what happens. I hope for all our sakes it is not too late for the show to change.

  2. RedReddington says:

    I’m looking forward to Kabby the most. The buildup of their relationship has been absolutely fantastic. 😍

  3. Ari says:

    I’ve missed Octavia. Ready for this show to finally be back!

  4. Goldenvibefan says:

    So I can pretty much say goodbye to any hope I had about Jactavia happening this season. Rip. Glad we are getting more backstory for Octavia though.

    • Jess says:

      We have had quite a sufficient amount of Octavia backstory already, like seriously what more is there to tell, she grew up in a hole in the ground, we get it. I think it would have made more sense to delve further into Lexa’s backstory because she had such a sad and interesting one, her story could have continued for a long time. But the writers are idiots who decided to kill the show when it had the most potential. Massively facepalming over it to this day.

  5. clo says:

    Can’t wait!!! This season feels like a bit of a throwback to S1, meaning getting back to its roots: The delinquents. And I for one am excited!

    • Maia says:

      The grounders and Lexa were FAR more interesting, Back to a crappy show you mean.

    • Kiki says:

      I am so tired of hearing the whiners complain about Lexa. I mean Jesus. If you say you are done with the show, then be done with it. Stop writing comments, voting the show down in the polls and tweeting people. God!!!!!! The actress who plays Lexa got a job and left 100. Done. That’s it. There is no conspiracy. Geez, if the EP hated the LGBT community or lesbians like you say he did why did he create a character like Lexa in the first place with a great story-line that had come to an end. I mean you don’t hear me or other African-American or black people complaining that they seem to love to kill off black characters. The only one left is that ass-hat Jaha who is the reason for Alie in the first place but I digress. So why is the Lexa fans are so God damn annoying trying to shove their opinions down everyone’s throats.

  6. KCG19 says:

    I hope they finally get rid of Bellamy. He’s the worst.

  7. Amanda Pike says:

    I love #THE100 and as long as they are coming out with new episodes i will be watching and promoting them. To the ones that said all the horrible stuff seriously grow up its television people die if you stopped watching because of lexa or another character then thats just sad. This movie is the best one out there in my opinion.

    • Max says:

      Well hang on a second, a) it’s not a movie and b) you don’t even get how much of a role model and how appreciated a character like Lexa was considering lesbians always die. There will be plenty of Bellamy Blakes, Octavia’s etc. in other shows but nowhere will we ever see someone like Lexa again. And plus don’t pretend like the storyline in season 3 wasn’t airy fairy and crap as it was. YOU grow up. Either Lexa comes back to salvage it from cancellation like what happened when it nearly got cancelled after season 1 or you will never have this show to look forward to because we as her fans are NOT sticking around for Bella and Edaward 2.0 and for a show without a good story and without Lexa. No friggin way, it’s their own fault.

      • Amanda Pike says:

        I was a fan of Lexa and season 3 was not my favorite either but i think season 4 has started off extremely well and i do know how appreciated Lexas character was i also know how well some other characters are appreciated. Regardless i understand why people are so furious and mad but seriously let the other people who enjoy it watch it, you dont have to watch the show but you also dont have to get it cancelled either. Everybody has there own opinion and that is just mine, sorry if you dont like it. Lexa was amazing i was not saying anything bad about her character.

        • Max says:

          I am not trying to get it cancelled but I will be one of those who contributes to the ratings slump because as it is I have stopped watching. And if it wants at least a small amount like me back it knows what it has to do. For others it has gone too far though. This show can honestly be disgusting in so many ways, and the whole Nathan and Bryan ploy (2 minor characters who popped up out of nowhere and got a big storyline just for being gay) are a device for Jason to use to get the media off his back by saying this show is still LGBT when I must point out that they don’t represent because they’re not lesbians. And Clarke is gonna be made straight laced and less tribal for that control freak Bellamy so forget her also. And not to mention as viewers we can’t even root for popular grounders because they always die. A massive chunk of this show has withered by killing Lexa, one of the least expendable people on it considering she was such a popular role model. And then after everything they make it that she died in vain, that there was no significance to her considering they have cheapened Clarke’s character now by having her move from one person bed to another im such a short amount of time like she has no morals or conscience and she will do the same with Bellamy because it has gotten so desperate that it needs to provide a fanservice by putting Adam and Eve back together. But hey if, you are straight or have no conscience and believe in colonization, these things shouldn’t affect your viewing at all. Honestly I find it all quite sick. If the show is going to pursue this I am DONE. I will love Lexa always and I for one believe that when it’s a character you love, regardless straight or gay, to throw them on the trash heap as they did with her is more than a little effed up, but that comes with the new territory of this show. It has huge problems and not just in its storyline but in its poor treatment of nearly everything significant.

  8. Raylie says:

    Lincoln was the beatnik character, I wish the young haven’t had killed him.