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The 100 EP on That Lexa Moment in the Season 4 Premiere: 'It Was Important'

The 100 Recap

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and The 100 gang could not be feeling any less fine.

Picking up immediately after the war with ALIE, Wednesday’s season premiere found Clarke & Co. sifting through the (literal and emotional) wreckage at Polis, attempting to regain their bearings and make a plan for their collective future — what’s left of it, anyway.

Clarke spent much of the hour contemplating how to share the bad news with her people — Hallmark, sadly, doesn’t make a card for such occasions — before settling on a town hall-style announcement; Roan, after receiving the flame, formally made Skaikru the 13th clan; Raven discovered a few leftover perks from her time with ALIE, including an upgraded brain; Bellamy and Echo agreed to disagree (which is putting it mildly); and the Ice Nation seized control of Polis. It was a jam-packed hour, to say the least.

And just in case you thought this whole “nuclear apocalypse” thing was merely an idle threat, the episode’s final scene — in which two unknown individuals disintegrated before our very eyes in the desert — should have reinforced that this is, in fact, a real problem.

Indeed, there were plenty of big events during the first hour of Season 4, but right now, I want to focus on one of the more understated moments: Clarke finally talked to her mom about Lexa! “I loved her, mom,” she said through tears, to which Abby replied, “I know.” It was a simple exchange, but it likely went a long way for fans still heartbroken over the Commander’s tragic passing.

“It was important for multiple reasons,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine of the mother-daughter moment. “Clarke never really got a chance to mourn last season. She never got a chance to talk to her mom about the girl that she loved and what she experienced, so it felt like a good moment to exhale. They’re locked up, there’s nothing they could do in that moment. We wanted to make it very clear that [Clarke and Lexa’s relationship] wasn’t a secret, and that Abby certainly knew what her daughter was going through, the way any good parent would know what their child was going through.”

You tell us: Did Clarke’s Lexa shout-out satisfy you? Grade the Season 4 premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.