The Flash Recap: Very Good Vibrations

The Flash Spoilers

It is to The Flash‘s credit that an episode centered around not Barry and Any Big Bad but another team member can provide as much joy as a standard episode. Because frankly, I would have welcomed even more scenes of Cisco trying to “negotiate” with their latest adversary… over drinks? Or, how about at that great new Thai place down the street?

Cisco versus Gyspy was so highly entertaining, thanks to Carlos Valdes’ always solid work as Team Flash’s co-tech whiz, plus Jessica Camacho’s charming turn as Earth-19’s elite collector, here on our turf to bring back the illegally breach-hopping H.R. Wells… to a punishment by death.

Rather than let their goofy, new-ish friend meet that grisly fate — even if it might help derail the future in which Iris gets slayed by Savitar — Cisco steps forth to challenge Gypsy to a “trial by combat.” Cisco’s early efforts during his 24-hour training regimen aren’t so hot, but then Julian — now filling the role of efficiency expert/worst pep talker ever — finds a weakness, in that Gypsy emerges off-balance from her self-created breaches. When Cisco, in full Vibe mode/gear, goes up against his Earth-19 counterpart, their tussle takes them in and out of portals, relocating the rumble to Earth-Two, and then Supergirl‘s National City, and then… Revenge of the Sith‘s molten Mustafar? Cisco gives as good as he gets, up until they return to our Earth and he gets the drop on his foe by employing Julian’s advice.

Gypsy is of course spared, but she can’t go back empty-handed — so H.R. agrees never to return home, while she fibs that she killed her bounty. Gypsy teases Cisco with a goodbye kiss, before flitting back home with a whole lotta Earth-One coffee beans. Afterward, Cisco and H.R. bond over the former’s saving of the latter, which as Cisco revealed earlier is the very reason they went to such lengths to protect H.R. — because whereas previous Wellses took care of them, it felt nice to have a non-genius Wells dependent on the team. And as Cisco drops some knowledge on H.R. from his predecessors, maybe the would-be author himself can “show up” and play hero if needed one day?

Elsewhere in the episode, Iris was caught up in trying to take down a dealer of next-generation firearms, despite Joe and Barry’s protests. But with an eye on her months-from-now expiration date, Iris is determined to “matter,” to not leave nothing behind (as her mother did). So with Wally’s help as Kid Flash, she puts her life on the line to bust the gang, almost jeopardizing a long-running CCPD sting in the process. Later, after (slowly) reading Iris’ story on the crackdown, Barry assures her that just as he bested Savitar once before, he will vanquish the speed god again and again, if need be, to protect his love.

Except, Barry himself won’t be the one making the eventual 0.21-second dash to save Iris from Savitar. Rather, in the episode’s final moments, he tells Wally that Kid Flash will be the one to save Iris, after Barry trains him.

What did you think of the episode “Dead or Alive”?

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