Lucifer Winter Finale Recap: Where the Hell Did [Spoiler] Go?!

Lucifer Leaves Chloe Finale

A desperate Lucifer returned to Hell this Monday in the Fox drama’s winter finale — but once there, what obstacle stood in the way of his return topside?

And once he did manage to get back, what surprise did he ultimately spring on the detective?

Having determined that Chloe did get stuck (as I thought I saw happen) with a syringe during her scuffle with Dr. Carlisle — and that the corresponding antidote got destroyed — Lucifer and the detective set out to find Burt, the rich kid who helped the not-so-good doctor with his smuggling, but he proves to be a dead end. When Chloe’s nosebleed is accompanied by the next symptom, fainting, Lucifer checks her into a hospital against her wishes.

Dan then jumps in to help find the antidote, by helping Lucifer confront the middle man, Dave Maddox, who provided the doctor his ingredients. Dan arrives on the scene a bit hot, though, leading to the boys getting tied up, and Dan beaten — until Lucifer realizes that Detective Douche isn’t playing some “elaborate game of bloody possum,” at which point he easily frees himself and kicks all of the ass. Maddox then coughs up the ingredient list, but says that only Carlisle knew the precise formula.

While Ella works with Dan to round up the one extremely rare ingredient — leading to the reveal that she came to L.A. to watch over her hoodlum brother, Ricardo — Lucifer gets the idea from Mum to go to Hell and confront the surely damned Carlisle himself. One epic pow-wow between all the celestial beings and Dr. Linda later, Lucifer recruits Maze to kill him. Dr. Linda, meanwhile, is tasked with dusting off her med school learning from “many, many years ago” to bring him back to life 60 or so seconds later. Amenadiel’s job is to ensure that Chloe isnt moved from her hospital room, since Lucifer, in the room below, needs the proximity to his “weakness” in order to die.

As Amenadiel stands guard, it tees up (as I teased on Twitter) the Trixie scene you never knew you wanted, as the two spoke of bad and good people, and which of the groups Lucifer’s brother — Chloe’s “guardian angel” — falls into. (Later, with Trixie gone, Amenadiel gets to kick some butt of his own, fending off a team of hospital security guards.)

Once in Hell, finding and getting the information he needs from Carlisle is easy enough — though Lucifer leaves the doctor to continue suffering his damnation, re-living his morally questionable car crash decision over and over again. But when Lucifer then runs into Uriel, he himself gets caught in a guilt-triggered torturous loop, killing his brother over and over again. Uriel also taunts Lucifer about blowing off the “clue” he whispered in his ear before dying — that “the peace” (0r piece) “is here.” When Maze senses that Lucifer is trapped, Charlotte volunteers to go to Hell to rescue her son, though for a moment down there she gets keen on the idea of staying there with Uriel — so Lucifer drags her away.

With Lucifer returned, the formula in hand, and Ella and Dan having secured the “Z13” or whatever it was called, the antidote is made and Chloe is cured. One of her first lucid thoughts is shared with Lucifer, about how this brush with death hit “pause” on what was brewing between them. Lucifer puts her off for the moment, then later has words with Mum about Father’s “long con,” putting Miss Decker in his “path” all those years ago. And having gone to such lengths to break free of such helicopter parenting, Lucifer refuses to risk being manipulated as a pawn in his folks’ feud any longer. As a result, when Chloe leaves the hospital and drives over to Lux, she soon enough realizes why Lucifer hasn’t returned any of her calls/messages — because he is gone, from Lux, from L.A…. from her.

Where do you think Lucifer has run off to? And what is your working theory on Uriel’s “The peace/piece is here” clue? (With 24: Legacy and APB taking over Fox Monday for the next while, Lucifer resumes Season 2 on May 1.)

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