The 100 Boss Weighs In on Season 4's Unsettling Real-World Parallels

The 100 Season 4

Let’s be honest: With headlines about nuclear proliferation and ecological catastrophes regularly flooding our various feeds, it often feels like we’re all living out the beginnings of an apocalyptic drama. One on The CW, perhaps?

The concepts explored on The 100 have always been eerily relatable — from our slave-like reliance on technology to the damage we’ve inflicted on our environment — but the show’s fourth season, premiering Wednesday (9/8c), will likely leave viewers even more paranoid as they watch Clarke & Co. grapple with the possibility of their own extinction. (Did I mention they only have six months before everything goes boom?)

“The truth is, you never really know how much real world stuff filters through in the subconscious when you develop story, especially in the room with 12 other people that are all living in the real world,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg admits to TVLine. “But we wrote these first episodes over the summer, so I’d say that any similarity to events or people or events real or otherwise is purely coincidental.”

That said, Rothenberg reminds us that science-fiction writers “like to dramatize some of the problems we have to deal with in the real world,” acknowledging that Season 4 an “environmental parallel on some level.”

“The earth is striking back,” he explains. “The environment is turning on the people who live on the planet. And I think that’s something we all have to worry about, unfortunately, in the not-too-distant future.”

We’ll have more scoop on The 100’s fourth season later this week. For now, drop a comment with your hopes below.

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