Girl Meets World Remains in Limbo: TVLine Debates, Should It Be Saved?

Girl Meets World Season 4

It’s been exactly one week since Girl Meets World aired its (makeshift) series finale, and fans of the former Disney Channel series remain glued to social media, hoping for an 11th hour save from another network or streaming service.

The odds aren’t looking terrific at the moment — Netflix has confirmed it has no intentions of saving it, while a Hulu pick-up also seems unlikely — but much like the show itself, there’s always hope. Below, lifelong Boy Meets World enthusiasts Andy Swift and Ryan Schwartz debate whether the legacy deserves to continue elsewhere.

SWIFT | OK, here’s where we stand: It’s been a full week since the finale, and even though Netflix (and probably Hulu) are out of the running, it’s still technically possible that the show could get another season elsewhere. Personally, I’m hoping for a miracle. How are you feeling?

SCHWARTZ | I’m not holding my breath. The fandom has long believed that Freeform would be the ideal home for any additional seasons, since it’s also part of Disney-ABC’s portfolio of networks. However, were the show to migrate to a sister network, an agreement probably would have been reached already, and a formal cancellation wouldn’t have been announced at all. To be honest, though, I’m not sure I need the show to return. Three seasons isn’t a long run, but I thought “Girl Meets Goodbye” was a wholly satisfying conclusion to both Boy and Girl.

SWIFT | See, I don’t disagree about the finale providing a satisfying end — I just think the end came too soon. Hearing Michael Jacobs talk about his four-year plan for the show convinced me that there’s still gas in the tank. And as melodramatic as GMW could be at times, it stood out to be as one of those rare kids’ shows with substance. (No offense to Dog With a Blog, which is a work of art.)

SCHWARTZ | While I wholeheartedly agree that it had more depth than fellow Disney Channel sitcoms (no comment on the aforementioned canine blogger), the heightened drama just didn’t make up for the fact that Riley and her friends never really grew up. Perhaps Jacobs got one too many network notes, or perhaps Cory’s inability to lay down the law in his class had something to do with it. Whatever the case, I can’t imagine the show evolving much in a hypothetical fourth season, regardless of where it aired.

SWIFT | In my perfect scenario, a revived show would also feature a bit of a tonal shift. Like, balance out all those existential crises with a few fun episodes that remind us why we like these characters in the first place. For being such whimsical little people — not to mention living in, arguably, the most exciting city in the world — they didn’t get into nearly enough shenanigans for my taste. So I update my position: I’m hoping for a return, but not without a few tweaks.

SCHWARTZ | Then the question becomes: How much can you alter the DNA of GMW before it becomes an entirely different show than the one that this generation fell in love with? I don’t expect it to suddenly start catering to BMW fans who have long since realized that this wasn’t a show for them (in other words, GMW isn’t going to suddenly become Fuller House), but I would like to see Riley & Co. begin to mature into adulthood.

If the Disney Channel iteration of this show was about the importance of friendship, any potential revival should show us how Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle use their unbreakable bond to prepare for a world outside the confines of Abigail Adams High. (And if there happens to be time to get to the bottom of whatever the heck went down between Eric and Feeny these last 17 years, that’d be swell.)

SWIFT | You’re throwing a lot of variables my way and I’ve never been good at math, so I’m going to end it here. Let’s just agree that a slightly tweaked revival would be nice — and that, for two men in our twenties, we’re far too invested in this show.

OK, time for you to weigh in: Does Girl Meets World deserve a fourth season, or have you made your peace with the show’s cancellation? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your rationale.

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