The Flash Recap: Barry Goes Back to the Future, Gets Spoiled on 3 Storylines

Flash Recap Season 3

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Barry looped Iris in on a killer secret, Team Flash expanded and… I think we may have gotten a season finale date to jot down in the ol’ Palm Pilot!

Picking up a month after the Christmastime midseason finale, Barry and Iris have yet to unpack — and that included the emotional baggage the former is lugging around, having laid witness to his lady love’s murder, at Savitar’s hand, four months down the road. Iris  senses something is wrong, given Barry’s recent propensity to scream in his sleep, but he keeps mum. Until, that is, current events seem to point to the grim future he glimpsed being cemented.

For one, Central City is being plundered by… Plunder, the same next-gen thief that per the future newscast Barry catches. As such, Barry hesitates to collar Plunder the next chance he gets, but Kid Flash aka Wally intervenes, irking his mentor.

After the sad, sad soft opening for H.R.’s S.T.A.R. Labs museum, Barry pulls Iris into the time vault to reveal the altered byline on the “Crisis” headline from 2024, and then drive home the point by detailing what he saw upon stumbling into the near future. And the fact that Savitar seemingly has been stowed away inside the Philosopher’s Stone, inside the Speed Force, eases his mind not at all.

Barry then confides in the rest of the team (minus Joe), and after H.R. demonstrates, using dominoes, how the future must be carefully altered, they set out to chronicle whatever they can possibly know about the time leading up to Iris’ death. To that end, Cisco vibes himself and Barry back to that moment — May 23, 2017 (season finale, episode counters out there?) — where they study the news crawl on the bus shelter. The headlines include Music Meister’s “six-figure book deal,” a new gorilla attack and “Killer Frost Still at Large.” (Also, Joe is honored at City Hall, which is nice.)

After the team takes note of all those headlines/spoilers, Barry’s first order is business is to let Wally catch prison escapee Plunder, as a small first step toward altering the future — and Kid Flash indeed is a success.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Caitlin reached out to Julian about possibly helping her nip her powers in the bud, seeing as her cuffs have piss-poor battery life. Julian at first retorts, “I don’t cure metahumans, I put them in prison,” but later apologizes for being a jerk, revealing the guilt he feels over the CCPD task force deaths at Alchemy’s hand. Caitlin invites him to join Team Flash, a notion which at first blindsides, but ultimately is seconded, by Barry and the others. At Barry and Iris’ loft-warming party, Cisco and Julian gift Caitlin with a “solar charger” pendant to keep her cuffs juiced.

* At episode’s end, we see the metahuman Gypsy arrive from Earth-19, looking to hunt down H.R.

What did you think of The Flash‘s midseason opener?

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