Teen Wolf Recap: The Search for Stiles Takes a Hopeful (and Romantic) Turn

Teen Wolf Recap

Has the secret to saving Stiles been hiding in Teen Wolf‘s strongest ‘ship this whole time?

Tuesday’s episode, the final installment before Season 6A wraps next week, found Scott and Malia trying (and failing) to bring Stiles back into existence by latching onto their tangible memories of him. And while I’ll admit that they both came close — especially Scott, who relived the time Stiles talked him out of killing himself back in Season 3 — it wasn’t until Lydia stepped up to the plate that we finally saw some results.

“When I was remembering him, I was also remembering the two of you together,” Scott told her. “I don’t think anyone had a connection like you guys.” Even Malia, fighting back tears, assured Lydia that she “saw it, too.” (Side note: Unless I missed something, Malia’s memories were all about her and Stiles. Lydia never made an appearance. So was she lying when she agreed with Scott? I mean, it worked — I’m just curious about Malia’s process.)

Needless to say, Lydia’s search for Stiles in her subconscious dug up more than I was prepared to relive. First came the school formal from Season 1, where Stiles told Lydia, “Get off your cute little ass and dance with me,” which was sort of romantic… in a very Stiles-y way. And by the time Lydia arrived at her most crucial moment with Stiles — the time she kissed him to stop his panic attack — I was a mess.

And I wasn’t the only one getting emotional over Lydia’s trip down Memory Lane. “When I kissed him, that’s when it all changed,” she declared before remembering that she was the last person to physically see Stiles before he was taken. “I never said it back.”

Cue a mysterious figure walking out of a blinding light. Welcome back… Stiles?

Of course, Scott & Co. were only able to find Stiles in the first place because Liam and Theo committed keeping the Ghost Riders distracted at the hospital. To be honest, I’m surprised Sheriff Stilinski agreed to let Theo out of his cell in the first place — especially after he was reminded that Stiles was “smart enough not to trust” him — but I can’t say I’m not glad he did.

Not only did Theo fight valiantly alongside Liam — they even almost fist-bumped! — but in the episode’s final moments, he even sacrificed himself to the Riders, allowing Liam to escape. #Redemption

So, what are your thoughts on this epic hour? Were you excited to learn that “Stydia” has stood the test of time? Willing to forgive Theo for his past transgressions? Whatever’s on your mind, including your hopes for next week’s finale, drop it in a comment below.

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