Suits Boss Previews Life Post-Jessica, Harvey's Growth and Donna's Dilemma

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It’s the dawn of a Jessica-less day at Pearson Specter Litt when Suits returns this Wednesday (USA Network, 10/9c). But the biggest change might not be inside the firm, but in Harvey, who emotionally opens up and leans on Donna during the tumultuous transition.

Meanwhile, the redhead gets “a very specific storyline that is tailored to her and regarding what she wants out of life, both professionally and personally,” executive producer Aaron Korsh tells TVLine.

Below, the EP previews Harvey and Donna’s bond, two betrothed couples’ wedding chances and Mike’s job prospects.

TVLINE | Does it feel a little bit like a different show now that you’ve lost Jessica?
I like to think it does not feel like a different show. These first two episodes back are a little bit more personal in nature, and they’re a little outlier-ish episodes, [but] not totally, because I feel like there is some precedent.

We had a major event happen with Jessica leaving, [which was] a big shock to the firm, and also Mike getting out of prison. We didn’t get a chance to deal with what’s he going to do after getting out of prison in [the fall finale], because we were so focused on the Leonard Bailey case. So the first couple of episodes are different, and then we get back to more… I wouldn’t say standard Suits, but a little bit more familiar-type episodes. We’ve tried to add in some more of that humor and make them feel more like some episodes in seasons past.

Suits SpoilersTVLINE | For Jessica’s partners, Harvey and Louis, what steps are they taking in the aftermath of her exit?
The aftermath ripples through all the back six [episodes], but in particular, I feel like the first episode is them trying to reach a new homeostasis in the aftermath of her leaving and figuring out how they are going to move forward with Jessica being gone in a professional capacity. They’re going to go through various steps in trying to come to that new way forward. They lean on the people in their lives that we know well to try to help them get through it, and those people help in different ways.

TVLINE | Is there any chance of seeing Jessica in some capacity in the back half of the season?
There’s always a chance, and that’s what I’ll say to that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | At the end of last season, Mike did not give Harvey an answer about the consultant position. What is his next career move?
We certainly handle that early on in [the winter premiere]. He’s got this offer from Harvey, and Mike has to figure out what he wants to do with his life, basically. Does he want to work at Pearson Specter Litt and go back to corporate law in a consulting capacity? When he was on trial, he said, “I’m going to try to do good in the world because that’s what I want to do,” and he’s going to struggle with that.

Suits SpoilersTVLINE | You have both Mike and Rachel, and Louis and Tara, engaged. Will either of these couples actually get married this season, or at the very least, will you be building towards a wedding this season?
We don’t forget that they’re both engaged, and we handle it, and we speak to it, but I don’t want to give away what happens with either couple.

TVLINE | During our last chat, we talked about how the finale’s last scene with Harvey and Donna was very much up to interpretation by fans. Now that you’ve finished the back half of the season, what can you say about that bond and how those two characters will develop?
Suits Harvey/DonnaI will, once again, say we do not forget that that scene took place. We follow through on it. It will have its impact and consequences on the both of them. Look, he had sort of lost his mother figure, and he had an opportunity to deal with it alone. Probably the Harvey of earlier seasons would’ve chosen to deal with it alone, in some other unhealthy way, and he had the growth and the courage to let Donna be there for him during that time. I think the losing of Jessica is going to lead Harvey to have more opportunity for growth, and Donna is going to be there for him again.

TVLINE | What’s in store for Donna in the new season?
In addition to what we just talked about with Harvey, Donna has a more specific storyline than she usually has had. It’s kind of funny. I think there was some fan desire for a Donna-specific storyline, and we’d already had it in the works. I would like to go on record that it was already in the works.

TVLINE | Noted!
[Laughs] I like it when we have something in the works, and while it’s being brewed, people are demanding it. I can’t develop something and make it be on the air that quickly in response to somebody asking for it. So it really works out well when it’s already in the works.

Donna has a lot going on in the back six, and I will say it’s not all in the first couple episodes. It develops a little bit over time, and it’s probably more in the last four episodes than in the first two — though, definitely, she’s got stuff in the first two.

Suits fans, what are you most excited to see in Season 6B?

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