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Shadowhunters EP Defends [Spoiler]'s Surprise Death: 'We Knew We Were Messing With Canon in a Deep Way'

Shadowhunters Jocelyn Death

To say that Shadowhunters went off-book with its latest death would be a grave understatement.

“Jocelyn doesn’t die in [the Mortal Instruments series],” showrunner Todd Slavkin acknowledges to TVLine, though she did on Monday’s episode. “When we came up with the idea, the first thing we did is call [author] Cassie Clare, because we knew we were messing with canon in a deep way.”

Not only did Clare approve of the twist, but Slavkin says that she “thought it was a cool way to execute Clary’s journey as a hero’s journey.”

“In order for someone to become a hero, they need to go through adversity, and the death of parents is part of becoming a true adult — a true soul unto yourself,” he explains. “And we felt like that was something that was a really powerful thing that could push her character through 2A in a really compelling manner.”

As for what comes next, Slavkin says we can expect a “powerful, emotional journey for Clary. With her being able to create her own runes, we thought this was an interesting idea in terms of telling that story. We wanted this to be a cause for it, or at least something she can wrestle with. It wasn’t something we did lightly at all.”

OK, time to weigh in: Where do you stand on Jocelyn’s death? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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