Madam Secretary Star Tim Daly Injured While Skiing — Will It Force a Rewrite?

Madam Secretary CBS Tim Daly Injured Rewrite Henry

A tumble on the slopes may lead to a scramble in the Madam Secretary writers’ room.

Tim Daly, who stars as Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord’s husband Henry on the CBS political drama, broke both of his legs in a skiing accident while on vacation in Sundance, our sister site Variety is reporting. And the injury might necessitate a rewrite for his character.

Madam Secretary is currently in production on Season 3, which airs Sundays at 9/8c, and the show has been told that Daly will need six to eight weeks of recovery time following surgery. (He’s scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday.) So the show’s writers are reportedly considering a number of options for Henry, including writing Daly’s injury into the show and shooting around it. (Does Henry have a nice, big desk he can hide two broken legs behind?)

Variety reports that Daly will continue to appear in every episode this season, and that it’s possible the show is far enough along in shooting that it won’t have to adjust much to accommodate Daly’s injury. This Sunday’s episode is the 13th of a 23-episode order.

Madam Secretary fans, weigh in: Could Daly’s injury affect what plans the show had for Henry?

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