The Americans Season 5 Promo: Is Paige Heading to Spy School?

One of the biggest burning questions going into Season 5 of FX’s The Americans: Is teen daughter Paige ready to join her parents in the spy game? A new promo might just offer a clue.

In the just-released promo for Season 5 — debuting Tuesday, March 7 at 10/9c — we see Paige (Holly Taylor) walking out of school with her friends. Everything seems nice and normal until a squadron of fighter jets come screaming overhead. Leaves swirl, and every other student ducks for cover… but Paige just calmly keeps walking, completely unfazed.

So is this a hint that Paige will soon be following in Philip and Elizabeth’s footsteps? (She’s already willing to serve up intel on her boyfriend Matthew, whose dad is FBI agent Stan Beeman.) Showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields weren’t willing to confirm anything (naturally) when TVLine spoke to them about the new season, but Fields did say that Paige’s new interest in espionage “will certainly continue to affect and, in a lot of ways, propel the key issues in the family dynamics. But how? Well, we shall see.”

Press PLAY on the clip above to see Paige walking like a boss, then hit the comments and tell us: Do you think Paige goes full-on Soviet this season? 

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