Supergirl Recap: Sun's Out, Guns Out

Supergirl Recap

The powerful swapped places with the powerless on Monday’s Supergirl, as Alex and Winn stepped up to free a weakened Kara and Mon-El from the bonds of slavery. And to think, this all happened because Kara was getting bored.

Kara and Mon-El’s hellish trip to Slaver’s Moon — a wasteland of a planet, complete with a power-zapping red sun and an atmosphere toxic to Martians — began when Kara got a little too invested in the story of a missing teen. Naturally, Mon-El was eager to aid Kara in her latest endeavor, shrugging off his responsibilities at work. (Oh, yeah, Mon-El is a full-time bartender now. You know, because he’s “been known to like alcohol.”)

Their search for a girl named Izzy (played by director Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith!) led them to an undercover human trafficker (played by “Arthur” from Difficult People!), who zapped the “strapping young millennials” straight to Roulette, also a sight for sore eyes. (In case you couldn’t tell, I was really excited about this week’s crop of guest stars.)

For all the reasons I mentioned earlier, Kara and Mon-El found Slaver’s Moon to be less than hospitable, leaving it up to the DEO to bring them back. Well… Not since Khaleesi freed the Unsullied have I witnessed a liberation of such magnitude in my living room. Alex was blowing up baddies left and right, spaceships were exploding overhead — hell, Winn even punched an alien in the face at one point. It was nuts.

It turns out that the whole experience was just what Mon-El needed to decide he does want to be a superhero, suit and all — though I’m pretty sure the suit is half the reason he wants to do this in the first place. And Kevin Smith wasn’t kidding when he referred to Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood’s episode-closing scene as being “Charm City.” Regardless of how you feel about their relationship, you can’t deny the charm.

Slightly less charming, however, were the fashionable aliens we saw at the end of the hour… the ones currently heading to Earth for Mon-El. Their hunt, combined with the one Dominator bowing to Mon-El, and him brushing off the topic of the Prince of Daxam, would seem to point toward a certain fan theory…. Is the wannabe hero concealing a royal bombshell?


‘I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY’ | Kevin Smith also wasn’t kidding when he told TVLine to expect some “beautiful” Alex/Maggie moments in this episode. That whole morning scene, during which Alex geeked out over actually having a girlfriend — not to mention one that was wearing her t-shirt in her apartment while she made her coffee — had me grinning like a fool. The scene was so simple, but so beautiful and real. Sure, I was bummed when Alex brushed Maggie off at the DEO, but Alex is working through a process, and I knew that Maggie would forgive her. Sure enough, we were given that heartbreaking follow-up scene where Alex admitted to inexplicably rebelling against the universe allowing her to be happy (which is far too relatable a concept). I also love that Maggie now knows Kara is Supergirl — and that they finally addressed the futility of those glasses.

GRRRRRR-DIAN | Still in the dark about James and Winn’s extracurricular activities, Kara’s current feelings about Guardian hover somewhere between “annoyed” and “concerned,” while mine are more inclined to bend towards “bored.” Guardian is a cool hero with a lot of potential, but I’m not sure it’ll be fully realized until he’s allowed to fight side-by-side with Kara. Right now, it just feels like there are two superhero shows happening at the same time — and only one involves action-packed battles on alien planets. Oh, speaking of which…

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT JOE | No offense to Clark, Maggie and Mon-El, but Joe the Alien just bumped them all out of the running for my favorite new addition to this show. With Mon-El and Winn both moving into hero territory, Supergirl will need a solid source of comic relief, so I really hope he sticks around. I’m obsessed.

OK, let’s hear your thoughts on this episode: Did Alex and Maggie break your heart? Did you feel Kara and Mon-El’s charm? And how on board with a Joe spinoff are you? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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