Celebrity Apprentice Recap: 'Technical Difficulties' Lead to Triple Termination

Celebrity Apprentice Recap

Last week, Carson Kressley got naked on The New Celebrity Apprentice. This week, he showed us his wand.

Following Monday’s first challenge — a marketing campaign for Lorissa’s Kitchen, which resulted in Vince Neil‘s termination — the remaining celebrities were tasked with creating a buzzy brochure for Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Hence the wand I mentioned earlier. Come on, people, get your heads out of the gutter!)

But the magic-themed task, ahem, spelled disaster for Chael Sonnen, who was called on the carpet for purposely causing a power outage in order to buy his team an extra 10 minutes. (Yes, each team was allowed extra time for “technical difficulties,” but Chael’s fatal error was assuming that those difficulties could be self-induced.) “In my world, this is not a gray area, I will not tolerate cheating,” Arnold Schwarzenegger told Chael before firing terminating him on the spot.

The third celebrity fired this week was Porsha Williams, following the opposition’s victory in the Harry Potter challenge. (Honestly, I would have been shocked if Potter super-fan Matt Iseman didn’t win as project manager.) Carson sat in silence as Porsha and Lisa Leslie did battle in the boardroom, eventually chiming in on Porsha’s behalf, but it simply wasn’t enough to save her from a ride in the chopper.

Your thoughts on Vince and Porsha’s terminations? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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