NCIS' Brian Dietzen Previews High Drama, Big Reveals for Jimmy Palmer

NCIS Season 14 Palmer Ledge

This Tuesday on NCIS (CBS, 8/7c), Jimmy Palmer has a ledge-endary adventure, setting the stage for startling insight into Ducky’s mild-mannered assistant.

As first revealed by TVLine, Jimmy will stumble into the role of hero, from seven stories up, when he rushes to the aide of a would-be jumper.

“NCIS attends a crime scene, as we are wont to do, and when we do so, Jimmy sees a person up on a ledge,” Dietzen shares. “Without thinking, Jimmy sprints up there, grabs the guy (played by Spencer Treat Clark) by the belt, grabs a drainpipe and is basically, ‘If you’re going over, I’m going over with you.’ And then Jimmy realizes, ‘Oh my god, I’m not supposed to be out here!'” Gibbs and Torres, meanwhile, “are looking from the window, going, ‘What the hell are you doing??'”

What follows is a reversal of Jimmy’s usual duties, as he labors to help an alive person stay that way (versus determine how a corpse came to be).

“This guy obviously wants to kill himself, and it’s Jimmy’s duty to say, ‘Hey, look, life is worth living. You need to keep going, for a reason, for some reason,'” says the actor. And as Palmer wages his argument, “We flash back to a bunch of things that Jimmy has done over the years, where he has always been a very positive character — a glass half-full type of guy. We revisit that over and over again.”

Penned by executive producer Scott Williams (off a story by Scott Jarrett and Matt Jarrett), the script for “Keep Going” was the first one completed after the sudden passing of showrunner Gary Glasberg, in late September. The result, Dietzen says, is a “really great story about life affirmation,” as Palmer implores the jumper to “look for what is positive, what is right and what is true.”

The man-on-a-ledge crisis, though, is only half of the drama to be had as the hour unfolds.

“Along the way, we learn some stuff about Jimmy Palmer that no one knew. He has a couple of big, big secrets that come out…,” his portrayer teases. “The team learns a ton of stuff and goes, ‘Whoa! We didn’t know that!’ It’s fun, and it’s really good.”

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