The Good Place Season Finale: Forking Brilliant or Forking Strange?

The Good Place Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Good Place finale

Eleanor Shellstrop, you’ve been duped — and so have we?

The Good Place wrapped up Season 1 on Thursday night with a major twist: The Good Place is actually The Bad Place. What the fork?!

Once promoted to architect, Michael decides to innovate by crafting a neighborhood where Eleanor, Jason, Chidi and Tahani would do all the work by torturing each other. For each of them, that so-called perfect world is actually the place of nightmares: Eleanor is surrounded by people better than her; Chidi is stuck in “an ethical clusterfork”; Tahani can’t win Chidi’s love; and Jason is constantly needled by Tahani to talk. (Apparently, not all torture is created equally.)

It’s obvious why Eleanor and Jason landed there, but what did the seemingly good Chidi and Tahani do to deserve such an awful afterlife? Chidi made all his friends and family miserable with his indecisiveness, while Tahani’s charitable work was motivated by a desire to prove her parents wrong, stick it to her sister and become famous enough to stalk snog Ryan Gosling at the Met Ball, which she did — “a couple times, actually,” she reveals. As for everyone else in the neighborhood, they were just playing their parts.

When Eleanor figures out the evil plot, Michael announces his plan to erase all their memories and restart the scheme with some tweaks. Before he can wipe the slate clean, Eleanor puts a note in Janet’s mouth. Then she reawakens in The Good Place, where Michael once again greets her in his office. After a tour of the neighborhood and an introduction to her hot, mailman soulmate, Eleanor gets a visit from Janet, who delivers the note: “Eleanor — find Chidi.”

“What the fork is a Chidi?” Eleanor replies.

Good Place fans, did the finale have you saying, “What the fork was that?” Or was it a pleasant surprise? Hit the comments with your thoughts, plus grade it!

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