Samantha Bee: Kellyanne Conway Is the Supergirl of Deflecting Questions

Samantha Bee on Wednesday took a moment to thank Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for both changing history and possibly ending it.

In a scathing takedown, the Full Frontal host explained why Trump’s “omnipresent spokescobra” wasn’t being celebrated by feminists as the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign.

“Oh my god, you guys, it’s so unfair,” Bee said sarcastically. “A woman pulls off the historic feat of electing a sexual predator who thinks women should be punished for having abortions and feminists don’t celebrate her with a Vogue cover.”

Bee then turned her attention to Conway’s history of “fighting for, and/or against women’s rights,” pointing out that she once spoke about against PBS cartoon Arthur for including a child with two moms, and a speech she gave at a Women’s Conservative Network gathering where she argued that “looking feminine” was a more important attribute to women in the workplace than their feminist ideologies.

“As racists who don’t feel like racists keep telling us, we should never judge anyone by what they say or do, but only by what’s in their heart,” she explained, all while standing in front of a picture of a man in an “All Lives Matter” t-shirt. “And I know Kellyanne doesn’t believe those homophobic, sexist things in her heart because Kellyanne doesn’t believe anything in her heart. She will say literally anything.” Bee then cut to a series of clips where Conway spoke out against Trump just weeks before she was hired as his campaign manager, criticizing the president-elect for all of the “unpresidential” things she now defends him for in various TV interviews.

After suggesting that “Kellyanne’s true super power is deflecting questions like Supergirl deflects bullets,” Bee broke down Conway’s winning strategy, which is to “smile, take the question, don’t answer it [and] complain about Hillary Clinton.” She then said that Conway’s ability to adhere to this formula while Trump blurts out “fake news” whenever he’s unsatisfied with a reporter’s inquiry suggests that she’s more qualified to be president than her boss.

“Kellyanne is the soulless, Machiavellian despot America deserves, not this undisciplined, hobbit-handed omni-shambles,” Bee argued. “Lean in, bitch. You’re the one with superpowers. You changed history and also possibly ended it. So… welcome to the hall of fame. If you’d like to pick up your award, it’ll be behind our studio in the alley where women will be getting their abortions a year from now. Thanks for everything.”

Watch the complete Full Frontal segment above, then tell us if you agree or disagree with Samantha Bee’s assessment of Kellyanne Conway.