Full Frontal's Samantha Bee: 'It's a Tiring Experience' Making Fun of Trump

Samantha Bee Full Frontal TBS Donald Trump Election

You might think the election of Donald Trump would be a godsend for political comedians like Samantha Bee. But honestly, it’s just exhausting.

“It’s a tiring experience to… wake up and have a fresh new world presented to you everyday, with things that you would have never expected to see,” the host of TBS’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Saturday. “That presents challenges… for our souls.”

But she insists she’ll never lose her trademark sense of outrage as she rants about the week’s political news. “There’s plenty to be outraged about,” she says. “For those 21 minutes per week — and I’m very glad I only have to do it once a week — it’s a very cleansing and cathartic experience for me.”

Full Frontal recently made a move to Wednesdays (10:30/9:30c), which Bee says was long overdue “in a workflow sense, in a life-balance sense. It’s a better schedule for us.” And it allows the show to be more nimble in covering late-breaking news, like last week’s intel leaks about Trump’s infamous (alleged) acts with Russian prostitutes.

“If that had happened on a Sunday, we wouldn’t be able to respond,” executive producer Jo Miller says. So, as Bee wryly puts it, the move to Wednesdays was “a golden shower of opportunity.”

Bee’s show has been very clear in its opposition to Trump and right-wing politicians in general, but Miller says they haven’t received any serious threats: “No one’s sent us fake anthrax yet.” And correspondent Mike Rubens says that even political opponents sometimes turn out to be fans: “At the Republican convention, people were excited to see Sam: ‘I love the show! You’re wrong about everything, but I love the show!'”