The Vampire Diaries Recap: Hell's Bell

The Vampire Diaries Recap

When it comes to lunatic teachers leading their students into life-threatening situations under the guise of a “field trip,” Ms. Frizzle’s got nothing on The Vampire Diaries‘ Sybil.

I mean, I don’t recall the Magic School Bus dropping any kids off in the middle of the woods to recreate a mass witch burning. And I’m fairly certain Ms. Frizzle never abandoned her students to track down a supernatural siren bell. Yet those activities were all on Sybil’s to-do list during Friday’s episode, which also dropped a heap of mythology on us. You might even say it landed with a bonnnnnggggg. (That was supposed to be a bell noise. I’ve never been great at bell noises.)

Anyway, this bell — which I’m going to just refer to as Belle, unless instructed otherwise — was constructed by the Maxwells back in the day, then charmed by the witches as a means to take down the sirens. (Side note: I’m not the least bit surprised that angel-on-earth Matt Donovan comes from a long line of churchgoing bell-makers.) So you can imagine how badly Sybil wanted to get her sexy little claws on it — and how furious she must have been when she and Caroline discovered that it’s already in Seline’s possession.

(Another side note: I love the way everyone’s family histories are connected on this show. Matt’s dad, Elena’s parents’ car accident, Belle — everything on this show, for better or worse, seems to lead back to Wickery Bridge.)

And after seeing the episode, I no longer think Ian Somerhalder was exaggerating when he referred to Caroline and Sybil as “odd bedfellows.” It was as strange as it was exciting to see them spending so much time together. Sure, they hate each other, but I feel like (in a weird way) Caroline values Sybil’s opinion, especially when it comes to the threat Ripper Stefan poses to her daughters. And can you blame her for listening? With Elena asleep and Bonnie off in Paris — scoping out venues for the #SterolineJuneWedding no doubt — she’s running out of friends!

Meanwhile, across town…

Is anyone else struggling to remember how many times Damon has died this season? I mean, he’s not at Bonnie status yet — there’s a reason that girl is played by someone named Kat — but his constant demises are starting to lose their impact. Well, Stefan’s big brother kicked yet another bucket this week, as part of an elaborate scheme to test the morality of a young doctor named Tara (played by The Lying Game‘s Alexandra Chando, always a welcome presence on my screen).

Tara talked a big game about her Hippocratic Oath, but once Stefan “informed” her that Damon drove her parents’ car off the road, she made sure to see him die in that hospital bed — unexpectedly earning her a roadside death, courtesy of her not-so-dead victim.

Speaking of victims, Stefan pretty much bullied Damon into tossing Elena’s necklace out the window during their post-hospital drive — but the fact that Damon went back to find it (“Whenever I have it, I just feel better”) shows that there’s hope for him yet. Stefan, on the other hand, is fully giving into his Ripper side. I’d tell you to ask one of the hospital employees about it, but you know… they’re all dead now.

Your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Hopes for the remaining eight? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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