Girl Meets World Recap: London Calling

Girl Meets World Recap

“We’ve done everything!”

“Wouldn’t it be a sad situation if that were true?”

Maya and Riley’s exchange at the top of Friday’s Girl Meets World — the last episode to air before next week’s series finale — was, to them, just part of another existential crisis being expressed at their ultimate safe space, the bay window. But to the actors themselves, and to the fans watching from home, it meant a whole lot more.

Sure, it’s entirely possible that the show will be picked up by another network or streaming service; creator Michael Jacobs said as much to TVLine, revealing that he’s in “very” early talks to have the Disney Channel sitcom continue elsewhere. But if it’s not, this is the second-to-last episode we’ll ever see — and boy, did it have “second-to-last episode” written all over it.

Spurred by the latest in a long line of personal lessons their “history” teacher, Riley and her friends spent the episode looking to their future, taking all of life’s great unknowns into consideration: Will Riley and Maya always remain friends? Will Riley and Lucas stay together forever? And will Smackle win the Nobel Prize someday? (Just kidding, there’s no question about that last one.)

But none of those questions seemed to matter after the episode’s big bombshell: Topanga’s sudden promotion could send the entire Matthews clan to London. Like, England. (Heck, I didn’t remember that Topanga was a lawyer, so there were two bombshells in it for me!)

Your hopes for next week’s finale? (And the show’s potential future?) Drop ’em in a comment below.

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