Better Call Saul Promo Teases the Return of Breaking Bad Villain Gus Fring

Say hola (once again) to the Chicken Man.

In a new promo for Season 3 of AMC’s Better Call Saul, Giancarlo Esposito reprises his Emmy-nominated role as Breaking Bad‘s mild-mannered drug lord Gus Fring. The video — which you can watch above — is a mock commercial for Fring’s fictional fried-chicken chain Los Pollos Hermanos; as happy families devour buckets of chicken, Fring cheerfully asks us to come in and try the new curly fries. And if we don’t like them, he declares, “they’re on me!” (Even when he’s smiling, Fring is somehow still terrifying.)

Saul, of course, is a prequel to Breaking Bad, where Fring battled with Bryan Cranston’s Walter White for control of the meth trade in New Mexico. And the Season 2 finale of Saul hinted at a role for Fring, as his future hitman Mike Ehrmantraut called off an assassination attempt when he found a note on his car reading: “DON’T.” (Could that be his future boss’s first command?) Plus, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the first letters of Saul‘s Season 2 episode titles spelled out “FRING’S BACK” when rearranged.

So when will he back? We don’t know for sure — Season 3 of Better Call Saul doesn’t have a more specific release date than “spring 2017” yet — but we’ve got a hankering for a bucket of wings and thighs already.

Press PLAY on the video above to see Gus Fring back in action, and then tell us how much you’ve missed him in the comments.