Being Mary Jane Season 4 Premiere: Grade MJ's Big Move to New York

Being Mary Jane Recap

New city, new job, same ol’ drama for Being Mary Jane‘s titular boss lady.

The BET hit returned for its fourth season Tuesday, picking up one year after Niecy’s tasing made national headlines. In fact, that very incident is what spurred Mary Jane’s relocation to New York City; her show apparently took a much harder look at police brutality after that, ruffling more than a few feathers at the network and leading to her less-than-amicable departure.

But it wasn’t long before MJ discovered that her new gig as a correspondent for the national morning show Great Day USA came with a few nasty strings of its own — including a sexist boss (Revenge‘s Ashton Holmes) who plotted to pit her against the show’s current co-anchor in an attempt to boost ratings.

As for her extracurricular affairs, MJ attempted to take charge of her love life by hiring an expensive matchmaker, but even that relationship came to a premature end when MJ was told, “You’ve got more work to do on yourself.” (Thanks, lady. Next time, tell us something we don’t know!)

For now, I guess MJ will have to settle for Lee, a charming comedian she met during an impulsive night on the town. What began as a one-night stand — which was supposed to be MJ’s bon voyage to casual sex — is quickly evolving into, at the very least, a flirtationship. (It’s a thing, look it up.)

In the episode’s final moments, with Kara attempting to offer words of encouragement, MJ looked out at the New York City skyline and told herself, “It sounds like I’m going to be in for a crazy ride.” Ladies and gentlemen, behold the understatement of the century.

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