Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Hot Sauce, Hotter Tempers — Who Got Fired?

Celebrity Apprentice Recap

Monday’s New Celebrity Apprentice tasked the men’s and women’s teams with developing ad campaigns for Welch’s — and (surprise!) there were plenty of sour grapes to go around.

Conflict began right away for Team Prima, as several of the women feared that project manager Laila Ali wasn’t allowing for enough “fun,” a concern that was confirmed when celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito told the ladies, straight up, that their presentation needed to be more entertaining. (Ali’s refusal to value her teammate’s frustrations didn’t help the situation.)

There was considerably less dissension among the ranks of Team Arete, which executed a solid production, complete with fun (via Carson Kressley), music (via Boy George) and organization (via project manager Chael Sonnen)… or so they thought. It turns out the Welch’s executives weren’t huge fans of the guys’ all-over-the-place product, resulting in Team Arete’s first loss of the season.

That’s when things got tense, as every member of Team Arete seemed to have a different idea of who should be fired — and no one was shy about their decision. Sonnen chose to bring Eric Dickerson and Ricky Williams back into the boardroom, at which point Dickerson became Arnold Schwarzenegger’s third termination.

Williams agreed to put Sonnen’s shady boardroom behavior behind him, but it wasn’t long before the guys were at each other’s throats while filming a series of (hopefully) viral videos for King’s Hawaiian. Jon Lovitz clashed with Vince Neil over which line to cut from the script, Boy George threw his first diva fit about people wasting his time, and Kressley was so badly bruised after the mock football game that he needed to seek medical attention.

Tensions were also running high during Prima’s shoots: Lisa Leslie accused her teammates of plotting to throw her under the bus… which they did; project manager Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dubbed most of the footage a “s–t show”; and Porsha Williams was literally dragging fellow Bravo-lebrity Kyle Richards across the floor by her legs at one point. (OK, that last one might have been in the script, but it was still pretty dramatic.)

Unsurprisingly, the win went to Arete, forcing Snooki’s team to take a long, hard look at itself. And just as Leslie prophesied earlier in the episode, her teammates — led by Ali — pointed their collective finger at her. Snooki called Williams and Leslie back to the boardroom, and after a heated back-and-forth between them, a sobbing Snooki volunteered to take herself out of the game.

Were the right celebrities fired in Week 2? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Dickerson and Snooki’s termination below.

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