Golden Globes 2017: The Crown Team Previews Season 2… and Recasting?

The Crown Netflix Season 2 Golden Globes Claire Foy

Netflix’s acclaimed drama The Crown just won a pair of Golden Globes for its first season, and there’s much more to come. Maybe too much more, if you ask creator Peter Morgan.

The period drama about the reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is riding high after scoring the Globe for Best Drama Series, with star Claire Foy also winning for Best Actress in a Drama Series. But when asked backstage in the Globes press room about the rumors that Netflix wants to do “six or seven” seasons, Morgan visibly grimaced. “It’s not funny,” he said as reporters laughed. “It’s just painful.” He added with a wry smile: “The danger of writing a story about someone with a long life is that the story goes on and on and on.”

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II is still alive and well (90 years young!), and Season 1 only covers her lengthy reign up to 1955. So there’s plenty left to cover in Season 2, Morgan said. “We’re filming the second season right now, and that will take us through to 1964,” he revealed, adding that the new season will tackle the Suez Crisis and the massive cultural changes brought on by the 1960s. “As Britain goes into the ’60s, the world changes,” he hinted.

But if The Crown does reach a third season, we might not continue seeing Foy in the lead role. Morgan admitted that “at the end of Season 2, we will have to start thinking about a new cast. Our stars will have reached the limits of how long they can play this.” (The first two seasons will cover about two decades in Elizabeth’s life.) Thankfully, though, those decisions are a long way off, he said: “We haven’t had those conversations with Netflix yet.”

Should The Crown recast Elizabeth in Season 3, or keep Claire Foy for the duration? Cast your vote in the comments.

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