Key & Peele: Obama, Anger Translator Luther Talk Trump on Daily Show

Barack Obama is not happy about vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for President-elect Donald Trump. Need proof? Just ask his anger translator, Luther.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele reunited on The Daily Show, where they appeared in a pre-taped sketch on Thursday as the outgoing president and his aforementioned anger translator. The bit found Obama attempting to lift the spirits of those disappointed by the outcome of the election with a message of unity and hope. Luther, on the other hand, conveyed the idea that all hope was lost.

“How did this happen, man? Y’all gonna vote for the dude that’s gonna make America hate again?” Luther asked, completely frazzled. “Don’t you understand? This is how the Hunger Games starts.”

Luther then expressed fear that “naked Russki on horseback” Vladimir Putin was going to be the one running the show for the next four years, asserting that Trump never wanted to be Commander in Chief in the first place.

“[Trump] doesn’t even want the job, y’all. I saw it in his eyes. The dude was shook,” he explained. “The only reason he ran is because his factory in China made too many red hats.”

Before bidding the American people adieu, Luther had one final message for the nation.

“Apparently, orange is the new black. Good luck with your healthcare, assh—s.”

Press PLAY on the (censored) clip above to watch Luther in all his glory, then hit the comments and tell us how much you’d kill for a Key & Peele revival right about now.