Degrassi: Next Class Season Premiere: Who Survived the Big Bus Crash?

Degrassi Recap

Picking up shortly after last season’s potentially fatal cliffhanger, Degrassi: Next Class returned to Netflix on Friday for a third round of socially relevant drama — though a few fan-favorite faces were missing from the school’s hallowed halls.

First things first: No one died in the bus crash (shocker!), although Tristan basically has a foot in both worlds at this point. Miles spent his entire vacation by his boyfriend’s bed side, with only a single hand twitch to give him any hope for a recovery. Even worse, no one at school seems to care about Miles’ pain — Snake went so far as to block him from the students’ online message board — except for Lola, who claims to be experiencing some “grief” of her own.

I put grief in quotation marks because, let’s be real, Lola mourning her relationship with Tiny is in no way similar to Miles watching Tristan slip away from him. And while we’re being real, what did Lola think was going to happen when she posted a #TBT of herself being cute with Tiny? That’s the desperate act of a crazy lady right there, even if it was also kind of messed up for Shay to date Lola’s ex in the first place. (A part of me wants to shake these girls and tell them to look for other guys outside their social circle… but I don’t think my brain can handle any more new characters at this point.)

Anyway, that brings us back to Lola and Miles, who got way too flirty for my liking during after-school detention. And given the major Lola-centric spoiler dropped by Degrassi EP Linda Schuyler earlier this week, I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse as the season progresses.

The other major conflict in the season opener was a clash between the Queer-Straight Alliance and the new wave of Syrian refugee students; members of the QSA were none too pleased that President Zoe handed their meeting room over to the refugees, forcing the LGBTQ students to meet in — pause for irony — a renovated janitor’s closet.

Zoe thought that outing herself would dissolve any further accusations of homophobia, which it did… until Vijay — you know, the troublemaker with the big hats — called her a “self-hating gay” in a video he posted online. Fortunately, the whole ordeal eventually inspired Zoe to write a powerful welcome speech to the new Syrian students about making Degrassi a safe space where everyone is free to be themselves. (And might have even scored a new lady friend in the process!)

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