Charmed Reboot Responses

Charmed Stars React to News of The CW's Reboot: 'We Wish Them Well'

The announcement of a Charmed reboot pilot being ordered by The CW conjured mixed responses from diehard fans of the classic WB series on Thursday. But what do the original cast members have to say about it?

Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell for all eight seasons, was the first to weigh in, offering kind words for the next generation of Charmed Ones:

Alyssa Milano, who played sassy psychic Phoebe Halliwell, followed suit shortly thereafter. She chose to send her love to the show’s fans, many of whom spent the morning tweeting at her about the reboot:

Milano also posted a throwback photo with Charmed guest star Billy Zane on Instagram:

#tbt 2005 with @billyzane #charmed

A post shared by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on

Rose McGowan, whose character was introduced following the departure of Shannen Doherty, chimed in Friday, calling the original four Charmed Ones “irreplaceable”:

In case you missed the news earlier today, The CW has ordered a one-hour pilot script for a new Charmed series from Jane the Virgin executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman. Set in a small New England town in 1976, the series features a new trio of witches — Annie, Tina and (curiously) Paige — none of whom are related by blood.

(This is, of course, a stark contrast to the leading ladies of the original series, all of whom were blood-related sisters. In San Francisco. In the late ’90s and early ’00s.)

TVLine will keep an eye out for more responses from the former Halliwell sisters. In the meantime, how do you feel about Charmed‘s legacy (sort of) continuing on The CW? Drop a comment with your honest reactions below.

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  1. Why. Why. Why. This is not needed. The original airs on TNT every morning, which is already too much. It was a good show, who had a good run. Enough reboots already. This story has been told enough.

    • Daniel says:

      The original airing every morning is too much? Just turn the channel. We love the show and in the spirit of all the reboots and continuations… the fans would have LOVED to have seen something that continued the show. Chris and Wyatt grew up… we couldve gotten a 6-10 episode mini-series… the ladies are getting older but that doesnt mean that arent still awesome.

    • R. Grella says:

      I think they need Meagan Tandy as one of the sisters (aka Braeden Teen Wolf), if they do. I’d like to see her in the new one, she’s already had experience acting in the supernatural theme. Plus she’s kick ass and would melt every demon’s face off! Not to mention her wide personality range.

  2. Manu says:

    Kill it with fire.

    • Lola says:

      Hehe! That’s how I feel about all reboots. Leave well enough alone. It’s like the Hollywood people have run dry on ideas and the only thing that they can come up with is rehashed scripts and stories.

  3. soulkissage says:

    It seems more a new show using the power of 3 themes then a strict reboot. Charmed was all about sisters and the bond of their family.

    • atia says:

      Exactly. The sisterly bond was one of the things that made the show for me. I’m all for a reboot because I loved the show and nothing else has filled the Charmed-sized hole since. But I’m not sold on the women not being related. And not sure why it needs to be a period-piece set in the seventies. That sounds a bit too gimmicky.

  4. Ian says:

    This really does only make sense as either a sequel or a reboot, if not a full revival. They should already know from the reaction it’s doomed to fail as it is now.

  5. ScottJ says:

    For now its only a script. A lot of pilot scripts are never filmed, and a lot of filmed pilots never make it to series. So the chances are good it won’t go any further.

  6. Steven says:

    I would’ve fathered the 2013 reboot that was more in line with the original. If this new one is set in the same world then perhaps there’s a chance of seeing the actual Charmed Ones?

  7. Eran says:

    Yeah… wishing someone “well” in Hollywood is code for “eat shizzles and die.”

  8. chadcronin says:

    You gotta love it when they throw away everything you would want: Present Day, Continuation, The Kids.

  9. Silv says:

    Like a sad attempt to throw something to the wall and see if it sticks… It’s so far removed from anything like the original that it comes across an nothing more than a pathetic hope they get eyes solely based on the name. Lots of luck with that….

  10. Lorie says:

    I would prefer them to do a charmed the next generation. Not sure I’d watch it if it was centered in 1976. Wyatt and Chris would be better.

  11. Personally i would like a reboot I’ve always enjoyed Charmed but from what I’m reading it isn’t really a reboot just a show about 3 random woman being witches without being related with the show being called Charmed. In case The CW hasn’t learned its lesson they already did something like this with the Secret Circle and it didn’t last long.

    I’m sure fans of Charmed would welcome a reboot but only a real reboot not just a random show about magic being called Charmed

    • Vince says:

      FYI Secret Sircle got canned due to overblown production cost. Its ratings were okay but not good enough to cover the cost. This the reason why most CW show films in Canada.

  12. Why not just do another witch show and call it something else it sounds like it’s going to be different enough to not use the Charmed moniker.

  13. Jared S says:

    So basically it’s entirely new show hoping to piggyback off of the success of the original series by using its name. I hate that. This premise has nothing to do with Charmed except the title. The whole point of the name of the show was that the three (four) sisters were supposed to become the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches ever. I don’t get it. Anyway, sorry for the rant. This just drives me crazy. Change the name or change the premise, because this isn’t Charmed.

    • Adam says:

      Does anyone know if the original cast was approached? Not doing a sequel with original cast and offspring is silly.

      • Jared S says:

        I read something the other day where they said they are open to the original stars to appear somewhere down the line because time travel is established in the original show. I don’t think they’ve been approached. I could be wrong. But I agree with you about the offspring. It’s been ten years. Wyatt and Chris must be teenagers or getting close, that certainly fits the CW mold. They could even fudge the math a bit and age them up a couple years. They could’ve done something with them. And even if Holly, Alyssa, and Rose couldn’t commit full time, they could appear sporadically. I mean it’s not like parents show up that often in teen dramas anyway.

  14. Yolanda says:

    Mixed responses? The only responses I have seen were negative as they should be!

  15. piebokou says:

    We want the Halliwell sisters, we want Wyatt, Chris , Leo , Coop…nothing more nothing less.

  16. Shannon says:

    I loved watching Charmed. I knew within five seconds who the demons were that they would battle. I can’t even imagine how many times I saw the series in entirety. I hope the new ones are ready. It’s going to be hard to get close to the original.

  17. Denise Y says:

    If they want to do a show about witches, they should have bought the rights to Witches of East End which Lifetime cancelled after only 2 seasons and leaving so many cliffhangers at the end of season 2 that I still haven’t forgiven Lifetime for that and it’s been 2 years. WOEE was the only show about witches or magic that ever came close to to having a fan base like Charmed…and it was about a family of witches. Even Holly/Piper was known to be a fan of it.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. Witches Of East End should be picked back up, like Nashville was. Charmed cannot be replaced. They could make the show about Wyatt and Chriss instead of strangers from the past.

    • Ole says:

      I just finished watching the show (had been planing it for a long time, but never had the time). Loved it so much! Got so sad when I found out there was no season 3 :'( I do agree with your point though! They should have bought the rights to the show and given us more!

  18. Ray says:

    Why call it a Charmed reboot? There are so many great witch-centric novels and series that could have been adapted instead.

    • John NYC says:

      With 1976. Sounds like a prequel. The foreshadowing references could make it fun.

      • Summer says:

        Ehhhhh. I don’t know how I feel about this. Even if it is a prequel, the show was called Charmed because the sisters were the prophecied Charmed Ones. You can’t just have three women meeting up and becoming the Charmed Ones, not in the same continuity. If it’s happening, it can’t really take place in the original Charmed universe.

        • John NYC says:

          Or one could be the ancestral linkage?

          Both Gran and their Mom were links in a chain leading to the three so…. also ultimately there were four or five if you count Kaley’s charscter so three wasn’t totally locked in. .

          Though true having three leads does look worrisome.

  19. Abs says:

    Too many reboots! Where are the original series?

    Why not just a new Tv show about 3 witches in Salem in 1976? Why call it a Charmed reboot? Make it its own show from the beginning!

  20. awnb95 says:

    For some reason this does feel like a reboot to me. Just another show about witches. So far they seemed to be just using the charmed name to get attention. The finale finished things off perfectly. No real need for another series

  21. Mary A Medley says:

    I loved the origanal charmed. My son has been a huge huge fan since he was 3. We expected the new charmed to be with wyatt and chris carrying on the tradition. But not 3 totally differant witches and in a completly different place and time. Dont really think we will be watching this on. We will stick to the dvd collection with piper, phoebe, and paige, and prue. But we wish you all the best of luck with the show and best of luck to the cast. Hope it’s a hit.

  22. Dana says:

    we already have salem why not have the sisters kids fighting demons with them popping in.

  23. D, Zivkovich says:

    tag line for the new series sounds more like the movie “Practical Magic” (Nicolle Kidman & Sandra Bullock)

  24. Brody77 says:

    “Mixed” responses.
    This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
    Fans are NOT happy about this at all.

    This is just some douche trying to cash in on the Charmed title.

    Pretty sure a Gilmore Girls style return to the Halliwell siblings would do way better.

  25. K says:

    This is what happens when people who have nothing to do with the original show get involved. What is this? The Charmed line is *hereditary.* From Melinda Warren all the way to Wyatt, Chris, and the other children in the Forever Charmed episode. Therefore, the creation of new characters that are unrelated is ridiculous. It is also unwise to have this set in the 70s since the protagonists of Charmed were already born (and were Charmed at birth). If you’re going back in time, either go further, or use the same characters and relationships found in the original, which would include Patty and Grams since this is the 70s. This is a joke. I agree with those arguing to either change the name of this series or change the premise so that it is more in line with the original.

    • June says:

      You got a point there! As I recall, all 3 of the charmed ones were born by the mid/late 70’s, with Phoebe being a baby! I think I would be more likely to watch a prequel if it was about Patty and Grams, too. Or a sequel with the older Chris and Wyatt. But whole new characters, I’m not too sure.

  26. khloe says:

    lol the show doesn’t need old fans from the old show to make it a success

  27. Mark says:

    Already done with the Eastwick (3 non related witches in new england) which didnt last past season 1 — then there was the secret circle another one season wonder, enough already unless they are going to carry the story on with the children of the charmed ones whats the point. The premis ofas shown above has been done and failed repeatedly

  28. mia says:

    if anything, maybe they can do it set in the 20s or something, kind of like a fantastical beasts for harry potter….if they travel to the future they can see the original charmed scenes…

  29. Soraya E. says:

    My opinion is still the same as with the other article… I was and still am a huge Charmed fan and I didn’t want a reboot. I like the idea of a PreQuel, but I’d rather they kept/keep it in the family. As in use the last names that we have come to know and love. Not just specifically Halliwell, but Baxter and Warren, perhaps even more that have slipped my mind.

  30. Cas says:

    It isn’t even a revival. It is completely different. That is like saying every medical drama is a reboot of ER. Just because they use on theme (power of 3) the same.

  31. Missy says:

    The girls are SO classy!
    They could be totally against it, in fact they’d have every right to be, they created something really special, but they always wish these rumors well :D

  32. tyler wylie says:

    I think the charmed world had a lot of possibilities, if they use the powertypes and lore (whitches working with whitelighters to fight evil) I think it could be pretty good. It does make sense that before the Charmed ones, they had a group of whitches fighting evil.
    Hope it’s good, we shall see!

  33. MLO says:

    Who cares? But what a great photo of the three of them!

  34. KatsMom says:

    The only way I think unrelated witches working in the ’70s could tie into the Charmed lore would be for these witches to somehow have their own secret family histories protecting the Warren bloodline. But, given that these witches are on the other side of the country while the little Charmed Ones are busy growing, that seems unlikely. I’m willing to wait until there are more details released to see if they actually suggest a link to the Charmed world beyond the fact that we’re dealing with witches. Right now, this seems like a cash grab more than a well-thought out prequel series though.

  35. Michelle says:

    What happens when Hollywood runs out of ideas… not like you can’t tune into TNT or Netflix to watch the reruns…

  36. Karen Russ says:

    I loved the original stars and show. I will watch the new one and wish them all luck but I do not see how they can possibly improve the show I watched faithfully for 8 yrs and watch the reruns still to this day. Karen R, Mentor, OHio

  37. Brigid says:

    Look, I liked Charmed. I watched it every week and let’s face it, it was a good show. Not a great show, it’s not like they are rebooting The Sopranos or Buffy. It’s silly to act like this name can’t be improved. I’ll check it out.

  38. WayneAdneyC says:

    They should have moved forward with the kids as teens/adults spin-off originally intended before Bigwig producer Spelling passed. That would “charmed” the fans way more. Oh well, let us hope it as magical of a script as the orig.

  39. Shawna Steil says:

    i agree… i would love to see that their kids grown up, huge fan of the show not sure i would like the reboot, where i live the original comes on early morning on TNT, so i watch it on demand, i really would like something of the original story not a whole new story line, am not looking forward to it but will watch just to see how it is , i hope its not ruined

  40. Rick says:

    It won’t be the same without the original cast. I don’t feel the connection will be as strong as it was with the 3 sister story-line. I just don’t feel it will be worth it. The original charmed sisters made the show. I don’t know. I just don’t feel right with it being someone else. Not to sure about the setting in which it taks place. 70’s? Really? If your going to do a reboot – do it right and with the original cast.

  41. Bo says:

    If this show had ended on a bad note or cliff hanger, I’d be all for a reboot. This, however, is simply not the case. The series finale was perfect. Granted, some would like to see a spin off about Chris and Wyatt all grown up, in the finale episode it mentions what each member of the Halliwell family is up to. The rest is supposed to be left to imagination. It’s bad enough all of these reboots of other classic 90’s shows is occurring. The upcoming generations will sweep the original Charmed under the rug if this show takes off. There is only one “Charmed.” Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. That’s how it started, how it ended, and how it should stay.

  42. Kristy Ford says:

    I thought they were bringing back the original stars. Very disappointing. This show won’t last without them. :(

  43. Pamela says:

    It won’t make any sense without the original family, since Wyatt and Chris were the two brothers with the power. Leave well enough alone.

  44. Chad says:

    The show will not last without the halliwells would have thought they would spin off with drew and wes. Without the orginal cast it will fail just like secret circle.

  45. Youmna says:

    it’s not a charmed reboot unless the original cast is involved or AT LEAST it’s a continuation of the original story! they’re only building publicity for the show before its start by relating it to charmed! LOL

  46. June says:

    I don’t know. I think I’d rather see a sequel, when the kids of the Charmed ones continue on the demon-fighting, led by Wes Ramsey (“Wyatt”) and Drew Fuller (“Chris”), since those two are already familiar faces from the original series.

  47. Adam says:

    Im excited but also disappointed the original cast not returning.

    The show had room for many storylines with the original cast. Such as there children/offspring.

    I hope they dont ruin a good thing!
    Charmed did set the benchmark for supernatural shows and dpecial effects for its day

  48. karl says:

    this is an absolute joke say charmed reboot but its not even charmed just a witch show with the same name bring back the original cast or their children dont make ur own show an try steal their glory it now rite

  49. paul says:

    The names are stupid stick with the 3 Ps or base it of the kids of piper or make it as they’re the kids of piper pheobe and paige make it beliveble to, the whole meaning of the power of three is their related SO DONT SCREW IT UP!!!!

  50. I’d love another Charmed, but with the original actresses. Maybe their children or something.

    • Adam says:

      Ive heard the 3 girls not related 2 caucasian and paige is african american? They will ruin a good thing!

      Also Alyssa apparently approaced the tv network for reunion etc and they refused to release as they own the show. Come on Guys!!!