Teen Wolf Recap: Ghost Town

Teen Wolf Recap

Scott & Co. were visited by three ghostly faces from the past on Tuesday’s Teen Wolf, some more welcome than others. (Actually, only one of them was even remotely welcome. The others? Total garbage people.)

Let’s begin with garbage ghost No. 1: Theo, whom the pack first encountered during a trip to Canaan. Malia hallucinated him — or did she? — along with the bloody corpses of her adoptive family members, both clear manifestations of her residual guilt. Then, because Theo’s favorite pastime is adding insult to injury, he shot her. (Side note: It’s hard to believe there was a time when anyone thought these two might end up together.)

Of course, Theo’s surprise appearance wasn’t the only thing that made the pack’s pilgrimage to Canaan a total nightmare. They also encountered a crazy old banshee named Lenore, who remains the town’s only living resident, as the dead son she’s been keeping in the basement (a gift from the Riders!) doesn’t exactly count. It seems that banshees are immune to the Riders’ powers of erasure, which is good news for Lydia — but, you know, not really great news for anyone else.

All that said, it seems like the show is gearing up to reveal that Claudia Stilinski is working with the Ghost Riders, or at least that she’s aware of the fact that she shouldn’t be among the living. Not only did she shut Sheriff Stilinski down when he asked how she miraculously overcame dementia, but she’s also desperate for a contractor to replace their wallpaper. And what, pray tell, is behind that wallpaper? Sadly, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Elsewhere this week…

GUESS WHO’S BACK, BACK AGAIN | Theo re-emerged later in the episode via a hole in the earth caused by — wait for it — Kira’s sword, which her mother (hi!) decided to place in Liam’s care. It was all part of a plan he and Hayden were concocting with Mr. Douglas to try and capture a Ghost Rider, but once they realized that Theo isn’t quite as powerful as he once was, they tried to toss him back into the abyss. (Mr. Douglas seemed particularly eager to dispatch of Theo, as he’s the only one who knows about the whole “Nazi werewolf” thing.) Fortunately for Theo, his memory of Stiles was enough to keep him in the pack’s good graces… for now.

MEDICAL MIRACLE | Guys, we need to have a serious chat about what happened between Melissa and Argent this week — and I don’t just mean their obvious chemistry, which I’ve been yammering about pretty much all season long. No, I’m talking about how Scott’s mom is apparently an on-the-low Celtic herb master. Sure, Argent helped by listing most of the herbs Melissa would need in order to heal him, but let’s not overlook her tremendous contribution to this effort: “You weren’t trying to say my name. You were trying to say something in Celtic. [Checks phone.] Of course!” What?!

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