Celebrity Apprentice's Carnie Wilson: Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn't Sexist — But Those Catchphrases Are 'Comical'

Celebrity Apprentice Carnie Wilson

If you met Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s goofy catchphrases (“You’re terminated!” and “Hasta la vista, baby!”) with a laugh and an eye roll during Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice premiere, you’re not alone.

“I hard a hard time keeping a straight face the whole time,” Carnie Wilson — the second celeb eliminated during the two-hour debut — tells TVLine. “And I don’t think he’d appreciate it if I told him it was a little comical, because that’s not his intention. He’s very serious about where he’s come from, he believes in these charities and he’s a fan of the show.”

And despite being told that Kyle Richards should have taken the fall, Wilson doesn’t regret not calling the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star back into the boardroom.

“My worst nightmare is having to bring people back,” she admits. “I really loved the concept so much, and I thought Kyle did a brilliant job blurting it out of f–ing nowhere. … We did not think we were going to lose [the Trident challenge], let me tell you. We were devastated when we lost.”

Read on for more of Wilson’s thoughts on the competition, including some behind-the-scenes scoop on what you didn’t see during the premiere:

TVLINE | Let’s begin by addressing the elephant not in the room: When you signed on to do the show way back when, did you know Arnold would be hosting? Or was it still Donald Trump?
When I initially signed on in the fall of 2015, all I knew was that there was going to be a new host. I wouldn’t have done it if it was Trump. And Lord knows no one thought he would end up behind that desk [in the Oval Office]!

TVLINE | Having watched the episodes after living them, did you feel like you were accurately portrayed?
Let me tell you, filming it and watching it are two very different things. It was really different from what I remember, in terms of what they decided to include. … I’ll tell you that they didn’t show me telling the board, “I don’t give a s–t what Trident said.” I was like, “Our commercial s–ts on the other one!”

TVLINE | I’m sure you knew at least a few of the other contestants before this, but for the ones you didn’t, who surprised you the most?
I would say Carson [Kressley]. I didn’t know he was that smart! We have to see how everything unfolds, but I think he’s got an amazing comedic sense and is really clever. Sometimes you think those are the people you have to be afraid of, because they can be snarky or quick with their humor … but he’s one to watch. I really love him.

TVLINE | Snooki seems like an easy target. What advice would you give her moving forward?
[Laughs] Oh, boy. … Honestly, she just needs to open her mouth. She said “vagina” in that room, and if she can say that, why can’t she speak up? We’re kind of similar — maybe just too nice — but I think she’s tough, and I hope she toughens up a little more. You learn as you go along, and I wish I’d gotten a few more episodes to do so.

TVLINE | Many viewers, including myself, noticed a sexist overtone in Arnold’s behavior. Did you notice any of that on your end?
Not really. We were separated from everybody, so we didn’t see Arnold very much outside of the boardroom. I think more men love Arnold than women, I’ll just say that. He can be a little bit partial because of that, but he’s friends with Brooke Burke and Laila Ali. I just thought he didn’t like me because I’m fat! [Laughs] I couldn’t look him in the eye!

TVLINE | Are you guys doing a live finale this year?
We’re hoping for one, yes.

TVLINE | Well, there’s your chance to look him the eye!
That’s right, babe, I will!

TVLINE | Any closing thoughts?
I knew what I was doing the whole time, but I have to say that I was probably too emotional about it, which wasn’t a good thing. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for the show, but I got the word out about my charity, which was my goal.

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