Beyond Series Premiere: Will You Join Holden on His Quest for Answers?

Beyond Recap Series Premiere

Monday’s series premiere of Beyond introduced viewers to Freeform’s newest it boy, an appropriately hunky coma victim named Holden Matthews.

Played by Canadian actor Burkely Duffield, Holden rightfully assumed that the hardest part about emerging from a 12-year hospitalized slumber would be adjusting to his new surroundings — but that was before he exhibited superhuman strength in a parking lot and accidentally burned down a house with his mind.

You might be asking yourself: What the hell happened to this guy that could have given him these crazy abilities? Well, join the club — that’s pretty much the entire of premise of the first season. (“It’s not something you can easily describe,” Duffield tells TVLine of the gradual reveal.)

Though Holden’s family — younger brother Luke (The 100‘s Jonathan Whitesell), dad Tom (Ray Donovan‘s Michael McGrady) and mom Diane (Glee‘s Romy Rosemont) — are completely ignorant of Holden’s situation, new “pal” Willa (Da Vinci’s Demons‘ Dilan Gwyn) appears to hold the answers he seeks.

“Holden is trepidatiously listening to what Will has to say, Duffield says. “He’s not sure if he can trust her yet. She says a lot of incredible things that he knows will force him off the path he’s been going on.”

Fortunately, it’s pretty clear who Holden can’t trust: anyone in a mustard-colored jacket. Or big glasses. Or, God forbid, both. And if you’re wondering all the romance was — this is a Freeform show, after all — fear not, it’s coming.

“That’s a whole other part of Holden’s life that does get explored down the line, those feelings and urges,” Duffield promises us. “But he’s got a lot of other craziness before we start to see some of those feelings kick in later this season.”

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