Throwback Thursday

The O.C.'s Marissa Cooper Is Here to Help You Say 'Good Riddance' to 2016

We hate to break it to you, 2016, but no one is going to miss you.

You gave us a nightmare circus of an election, you took some of our most beloved entertainers — Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher and George Michael to name just a few incredibly recent examples — before their time, and you ripped the headphone jacks right out of our iPhones. We asked for none of this.

Honestly, we wouldn’t even know how to begin condensing our feelings about the past 52 weeks into a single soundbite. But thanks to a little show called The O.C., and the dramatic stylings of one Mischa Barton, we don’t have to. (Warning: Prepare to find yourself relating to ’00s teen queen Marissa Cooper.)

Sure, our problems are a little different — we’re worried about our world falling into complete and utter despair, while Barton’s character was pissed about having her cell phone taken away and whatever — but you have to admit, we’ve all got a mini Marissa raging inside of us right now.

This being the final #TBT of 2016, let’s all take a minute to reflect the year that was. What (possibly TV-centric) events made you want to throw a Marissa-style fit, complete with flying patio furniture? Hit PLAY on the video above to relive her epic freakout, then drop your grievances for 2016 in a comment below.

Extra thanks to Ryan Schwartz for suggesting this clip during a recent, advisable O.C. binge.

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