Homeland Will Tackle the 'Brody Question' in Season 6

Homeland Season 6

Damian Lewis is not slated to appear in Homeland‘s upcoming sixth season (bowing Jan. 15 on Showtime), but his late alter ego Brody will play a somewhat pivotal role in at least one episode.

As executive producer Chip Johannessen explains to TVLine, the decision to age Carrie and Brody’s daughter Frannie (now played by 4-year-old twins Claire and McKenna Keane) has allowed the show to explore a certain inevitable Daddy issue.

“One thing that surfaces this season is the question of who her father was,” the EP reveals. “I actually just got done writing a scene for Episode 9 that serves as kind of a follow-up to a monologue [Carrie delivered to Frannie] in Season 4, in which she got her up to speed on who her father was.”

With Carrie back in the States (New York, to be exact), her “role as a mother — and possibly as a bad mother — is a little more front and center,” adds Johannessen. “Last season, it was easy for her to put Frannie on a plane and get her out of [Berlin].”

And although Carrie will continue to struggle with motherhood, Johannessen assures us that Carrie no longer harbors fantasies of drowning Frannie in a bathtub. “I wrote that [infamous Season 4] episode, but [the writing team] breaks all the stories together, and [the bathtub scene] was someone else’s idea,” he says with a laugh. “I ended up getting a lot of flak for that.”

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