Lucifer's Miracle Baby Twist: How Will Charlotte 'Weaponize' This Discovery?

Lucifer Chloe Miracle Baby

Years ago, a miracle baby was born. And her name would be Chloe.

That is the bombshell Lucifer‘s Amenadiel dropped in the Fox drama’s midseason finale. And, Heaven knows, his mother Charlotte instantly saw opportunity in the intel.

“If we wanted to put a nice little label on Chloe, I think she is, definitely, a miracle,” co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich tells TVLine, “because she wasn’t supposed to be born.”

But God intervened, sending Amenadiel down to Earth to bless Penelope Decker’s womb and give her and husband John the child they would have been unable to conceive.

What does it mean, though, that God in doing so purposely put Chloe in his son Lucifer’s path? In short, Modrovich says it was “a good thing.”

“We try to make it always about our character’s interpretation about what God’s trying to do, instead of stating clearly, ‘This is what God was doing,'” she explains. “The way I look at is, yeah, Lucifer is the Prince of Darkness, but if he did start off as God’s favorite son, is this a chance at redemption for him? Is this God saying, ‘Let’s see what you do with this, son’?”

Regardless of His grand plan, ex-wife Charlotte sees “miracle baby” Chloe as the answer to her prayers, as a means to an end — that being, reuniting her with her sons in Heaven.

When Season 2 resumes on Monday, Jan. 16, “We will definitely find out how she plans to use Chloe, right away,” the EP previews. “And since we know Mom will stop at nothing to get back her family, which includes Lucifer, she’s going to use Lucifer’s feelings against him. She’s going to weaponize those feelings, putting the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe in major jeopardy.”

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