Bones: Sully's Return Will 'Have Reverberations' for Booth and Brennan

Bones Spoilers

Will Bones be breaking some hearts in its final season?

The previously announced reappearance of Eddie McClintock as Brennan’s ex Tim “Sully” Sullivan will occur during a tense period for Booth and Brennan, and it sounds like the returning G-man may exploit that vulnerability.

“He comes back at a time in Brennan’s life when she is emotionally unbalanced,” teases exec producer Michael Peterson. “She and Booth are going through a very difficult time, so it’s a strange time for this love from the past to show up. And it’s going to have some slight reverberations. I’ll be curious to see what the fans think.”

McClintock’s Sully previously appeared in four Season 2 episodes. During that time, his FBI agent character started dating Brennan, with whom he was partnered while Booth was sidelined to see a shrink. Endeavoring to live life to the fullest after having lost his FBI partner, Sully got too serious too quickly with Bones, as she declined his offer to sail to the Caribbean in a boat he named after her. The character was barely mentioned after that.

Bones‘ 12-episode farewell season will premiere on Jan. 3. McClintock’s episode is slated to air sometime in late February.

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