Riverdale Trailer Highlights Archie's Hot Hookups, Betty vs. Veronica and More

Slaps! Murders! Student-teacher hookups! This definitely isn’t the Riverdale that most Archie Comics fans are expecting. (It’s so much better.)

The CW on Thursday released an extended trailer for the upcoming drama series, premiering Jan. 26 at 9/8c, with much of the focus going to Archie’s increasingly complicated love life. Is he batty for Betty? Is he vibing with Veronica? We already know he’s hot for his teacher — a feeling that’s definitely mutual — so at least that’s one mystery solved.

And speaking of mysteries, this new trailer also offers a taste of just how badly the (mostly) good people of Riverdale will be ripped apart by speculation and accusations following the apparent murder of one of their own. (Here’s a friendly word of advice: If you don’t want to get hit, don’t go calling Archie Andrews a killer.)

Honestly, there are a ton of goodies in this trailer — including a peek at Josie (of “and the Pussycats” fame) — so go nuts!

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Will you be traveling to Riverdale in 2017?

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