Suits Preview: Rachel Gets a Surprise Job Offer From [Spoiler]

Suits Spoilers

Mike isn’t the only one who will be mulling a career move when Suits returns on Jan. 25 (USA Network, 10/9c).

In light of the departure of one-third of Pearson Specter Litt’s top brass, Robert Zane will present his daughter Rachel with “a job offer in the beginning of [Episode] 611,” executive producer Aaron Korsh tells TVLine.

“Her father is going to say, ‘Listen, it was one thing when Jessica was there. She’s not there, and I’m not sure that firm is going to survive without her. Come work for me,'” the EP previews. “She’s got to decide: Is she going to stay at Pearson Specter, or is she going to go work for her dad?”

The paralegal has stuck with her longtime employer through some tough times. But on top of the firm losing one of its most ardent partners in Jessica, Rachel has lost “her strongest mentor” as she studies to become a lawyer, which could sway her decision.

Meanwhile, Robert’s got another selling point: “In his mind, and potentially in the real world, [Rachel] might have a better chance of getting into the bar if she left the firm that hired a fraud and moved on,” Korsh notes. “So that’s part of his sales pitch.”

Suits fans, what do you think Rachel will decide to do? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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