The Path Season 2 Trailer: Eddie's Out, But 'The Night Is Only Beginning'

When we last saw Aaron Paul’s character Eddie on Hulu’s cult drama The Path, he was leaving the Meyerist movement — and his family — behind. But according to the just-released Season 2 trailer, he has more questions than ever.

In the trailer (which you can watch above), we see Eddie removing his wedding ring and telling a support group: “I was in a cult.” (He used the C word!) But you can’t leave a cult movement that easily: He realizes he’s being followed, and he’s furious that his teen son Hawk (Kyle Allen) is spending time with cult leader Cal (Hugh Dancy). “I will murder you before I let you take him from me,” he growls at Cal.

More highlights from The Path‘s Season 2 trailer:

* Cal leading a group of devotees: “You have the light to shape the world around you.”

* Eddie’s (ex?) wife Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) saying she’s “haunted,” followed by some dude caressing her neck (?!?).

* Hawk complaining that “my parents are a mess… everything’s just ripped apart.”

* Cal insisting to Mary (Emma Greenwell), the follower he slept with last year, that he won’t be blackmailed, followed by her insisting: “Yes, you will.” (Damn, Mary!)

* Sarah telling someone: “Your fragile house of lies could collapse at any moment.” (We’re meant to think it’s Cal, but she wouldn’t confront him like that, would she?)

* Dexter dad James Remar cuddling a bunny and saying ominously, “The night is only beginning.”

How much of this is real, and how much of it is just ayahuasca visions, we’ll find out soon enough: Season 2 of The Path debuts Wednesday, Jan. 25 with two episodes.

Press PLAY on the video above to get a sneak peek at The Path Season 2, then hit the comments and tell us what stood out to you.

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