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Younger: Darren Star Breaks Down Biggest Finale Twists, Teases 'Major Ramifications' for Liza in Season 4

Younger Finale Recap

Warning: This article reveals major, game-changing plot points from Wednesday’s Younger finale.

Yes, Younger fans, that really did just happen. All of it: Liza’s kiss with Charles, her proposal-turned-breakup with Josh, and — of course — her game-changing confession to Kelsey. And TVLine is turning to series creator Darren Star to help us make sense of it all…

TVLINE | First of all, thank you for finally clueing Kelsey in. Why was now the right time, in your mind?
In terms of the character, it was her way of trying to redeem herself a little bit. That’s really what motivated it. I don’t know if it would have happened otherwise.

TVLINE | She’s obviously shocked, but can you tease any more of Kelsey’s reaction?
That’s the story to be told next season. We’ve given a lot of thought to it, and I can’t say much in terms of Kelsey’s reaction, but I think it will certainly have some major ramifications for their relationship.

TVLINE | As much as you want to feel bad for her, Liza really did bring this all on herself. Is she going to have to really take stock and responsibility of these bad decisions?
The longer the lie continues, the harder it becomes to resolve. Not coming clean becomes easier. Just look at Bernie Madoff! … But her intention, of course, was never to hurt anyone. It really come back to the fact that she wanted to work and to be relevant.

TVLINE | In spite of everything, I do remain a Liza sympathizer.
I know it’s getting harder to be one, but it’s also really hard to dislike Sutton.

TVLINE | Let’s say Liza can’t get Josh to take her back. Do you still see a place for him in this world?
I do, because I think the show is an ensemble about characters who have relationships with each other that go beyond Liza at this point. But theirs is the primary relationship, and I think they have an attraction for one another that’s irresistible — and not always healthy. Unhealthy relationships are often the best ones to write about, so I don’t think this is necessarily the end of the road for them.

TVLINE | The fans — as well as Liza — were asked to choose between #TeamJosh and #TeamCharles this season. Is it safe to assume Liza has chosen Josh?
I think by the end of Episode 12, she had this epiphany that [what she has with Josh] is real, and that all the things she thinks won’t work about their relationship can be pushed aside. She wanted to say yes to him, and I feel like she does say it.

TVLINE | So if he does take her back, is the engagement back on, too?
[Laughs] That’s a question to save for next season, definitely.

TVLINE | I’m also enjoying Diana’s surprise co-habitation. Has she finally found her elusive happiness?
We’re going to explore that a little more next season. The happy problem about doing this show is that we have so many terrific actors and characters that we want to give screen time to. So many scenes and storylines end up getting cut because there just isn’t enough time. There’s definitely more story to be told with these two.

TVLINE | Moving onto Kelsey… Is Colin supposed to look so much like Thad and Chad?
You know, that’s something that didn’t occur to us until people started seeing it and mentioning it. I think he has a very different vibe, but also, they don’t look similar in person. But what can I say, Kelsey has a type!

TVLINE | Have we seen the last of Chad?
I mean, he’s alive — unlike Thad. I love the character, and I love Dan Amboyer.

TVLINE | And since Kelsey has moved out of Lauren’s parents’ place, might she grab the spare bed at Maggie’s apartment?
That is possible. You know, you’re giving me some good ideas here. I do think it’s clear she’s moving out of the house with Lauren, but Lauren is definitely still a part of the show. That character isn’t going anywhere.

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